Let’s Rag-n-Rock!

Watch out Ragnarok fans, it is true that you are no longer need a broadband to play your fav kawai heroes now. Oh, before you start pulling the plug away, here’s a catch; it’s not a MMOPRG. Ha!

Created by the same dojin soft developer French-Bread (boy, the names are way beyond us these days) as Glove on Fight, this time they are making a spoof out of Ragnarok Online (RO). *drums rolling* Here comes Ragnarok Battle Offline (RBO)!.

Unlike an isometric view with 3D-like game of RO, RBO is a platform style brawling game with a selection of your RO identical heroes (mind their blank eyes) to play with. Each class (heroes) has its specific skills and moves. Just like Double Dragons or Final Fights, you need to fight a number of familiar monsters from RO to clear a level in order to move on to the next and there’s a few scenarios to play in the original that are loosely based on the world in RO. Currently there’s 2 expansion with extra scenarios. Feeling nostalgic, RO fans?

You can play with your mates up to 3 persons all at once either with your keyboard or gamepads, but I would like to see how the heck you going to squeeze 3 pairs of hands on a keyboard itself.

Here’s a Flash version for the trailer:

More Info:

I’m not much into RO since many many eons ago and my last hero was barely level 8 or 10. All I did those times was spending days poking the cute jellies bouncing around. Suddenly it hit me with a "I can’t kill them anymore! it’s too cute!" trauma. I stopped.

With the RBO game available for download via BT, I guess I gonna give it a try. Along with the expansions, the game is about 1Gb. At the time of my posting, it’s 47% complete… patience is the essence of virtue.

Ex3_pak_1Pira_rbo01 Rbo01 Rbo03 Rbo04   


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