Hitman: Blood Money

Preview_hitman_blood_money_3 The baldy guy,yes, the anti-hero is back! Time to arm the double Silverballs and do some John Woo action move.! This time he’s going to hit hard on the United States baddies.

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With the same concept, gameplay and the same Glacier engine yet refined, I’m ready to assassinate some capitalists! Well technically, as we’re are bound to morally-right society, we can’t have good guys dies. The bad ones have to instead hence I can’t kill the good people to win unless you play Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. But the again, no one is looking. The good side is not necessaroly you need to shoot to kill. You can rig accidental deaths as if they died of natural causes or unfortunate events. I prefer the gun. Up, close and personal.

I started the first mission with a tutorial, apparently I’m suppose to kill a drug trafficker and a Snoop Dog look-a-like kingpin. So basically, it’s whacking the entire American African gang. Since it’s tutorial, it’s pretty easy and guided to win this mission so it’s a stroll in the park. Oh ya, you can’t disguise yourself here. Guess you won’t pass for a nigger if you are dressing up as one of them. Sheeesh. And I was called a cracker by one of them.



I’ve just finished this game within a week, playing it casually an hour or so per day. Story is intriguing but very few missions. Hitman Blood Money is the fourth instalment of the Hitman Series, and unlike the previous predecessor you gotta earn your keep. With the dough earned, you can buy/upgrade your assets or keep it to yourself, though the latter is an useless option. I kept it the money, selfishly. More importantly is the performance review. You get more money if:
a. your face is not captured by cameras or being witnessed by someone (though you can always kill that witness hence you lose more money)
b. leave no trails such as handgun clips (in other words, shoot less and don’t reload)
c. wear back your suit instead of disguise (ok, your suit cost tens of thousands)
d. kill no innocents (sometimes you really had to, especially the annoying public kept nosing around).


With that, a newspaper will be published along with the statistics, weaving it into a nice story in the front page. They’ll describe you based on the performance you made. If you kill too many they called you a mass murderer (I was called a terrorist bacause I blew them up), if you fired too many rounds and killed a few, they’ll call you a hitman with limited skills (ouch!), and the list goes on.

With an arsenal of weapons available, I adore no other but the Silverball (a handgun). A silencer and a crap load of ammo is all I need to accomplish my missions.The challenge is to make a silent killing without the need to alarm the public nor the baddies’ minions. Simple and straightfoward method: Be inconspicuous, find isolation and make the kill. This mostly applied in most missions until I met a few annoying ones:

1. The target lies in a jacuzzi pool with a bunch of babes and bodyguards peppered everywhere and he simply won’t budge. (Solution: It was a fluke. All the time I was surrounded by bodyguards at the rooftop. But during that moment, I was left alone. Without hesitation, I nailed the sucker on the spot. I even stuffed him a few more rounds on the head and the chest to satisfy my patience after restarting the missions a dozen times)
2. A bodyguard that always follows the target anywhere he goes. (Solution: Stop being a nice hitman and shoot both pricks)
3. A target that just won’t come out of the room with bodyguards inside. (Solution: buy ammo that penetrate doors. Shoot through it and run away!)
4. Infiltrate and kill the vice president in the White House. (Solution: find a nigga woman as scapegoat *Whoa, a racist game*)
5.A flirting babe fondling you when it turned out to be a rival assassin looking for you. I got killed by just being clobbered once. &%$$##@!

Alas, a game is always come with a flaw (or flaws). Yes, this time bodyguards are alerted to blood stains. What can he do when I hid the body and I stayed away from him? Within 30 seconds, he’ll go back to his routine patrol and act as if nothing has happened. He didnt even bother to alert everyone. A hitman’s dream kill. There’s always a video camera where your captured face is recorded. Dress as one of them and they won’t bother to stop you when you stole the tape right in front of their noses. Another hitman’s dream. Last but not least. No matter where and when you run around and you won’t raise a single suspicion, not even after you killed a target.

The ending is the best part. Spoilers ahead! If you do not wish to know how it is ended up like, stop reading now!

When I finished the last mission, I was betrayed and poisoned but revived eventually. At the end you are lying on top of a coffin-like table with the ending credits appears. I was like WTH. That’s it? End of the game?  I was expecting to wake up the moment the credits are finished, so I waited. The moment the credits are gone, the chaplain pulled the lever and six feet under I went. OMG. Restarting the final level a couple of times with the same ending results made me to search the forum for help. Found out that I have to keep pressing the "up" key to revive him. So I woke up with a my dual Silverballs in my hands, surrounded by unsuspecting baddies and an escaping final target. To spice up the fun, they gave you a Matrix slo-mo effect for a few seconds for you to have a headstart to start shooting. I think I’ll replay this again a few more times to find new ways to kill that chaplain (He shoots too, religiously!).

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