Another Greasy Joe Session

On Saturday night, the gang went off to St Kilda for another round of Greasy Joe dinner. Oliver and I have been craving for bacons and eggs for sometime; every now and then during lunch time we went out and tried to look for a late breakkie, but usually they do not serve breakfast meals after 11am. Bah, inflexible pricks.

Dsc00018So, we ordered a Triple Bypass (again) and BBQ pork ribs and shared among 3 of us. Jon, on the other hand tried their burger, The Fat Bastard (that’s the name of the burger, not him!). A 600 grams of beef patty with some bacons and cheese squashed in between and a touch mustard. Food was kind of dry and tasteless that night. Disappointed we are.

Triple Bypass is basically triple of the breakkie: 3 hash browns, 3 sausages, 3 eggs, 3 streaky bacons, onion rings and 3 slices of bread. We got 2 slices of bread and the 3 sausages came in 3 different sizes instead. The smallest sosie was the size of my thumb. Unhappy, we asked the guy to cook up another sosie for us. It took them ages to serve that missing sosie (We almost finished the meal by the time it came).

Oh, we got a unique waiter that was serving us. With every line of his dialogues, he ended them with a “nice” or “nice one”.

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