Ze Barbaric Night

The second batch of dinner was at Limor’s International, a family restaurant where they serve you one of the seven sins: gluttony. This time it’s for the apartment gang (Sonia and George) and a couple of bums (Oliver and Chan).

Being a first timer to the place, I found out the restaurant was popular and customers usually came in big groups. Later I found out why after I ordered our meals. They came in humongous portions, regardless it’s an entree or a main. Thank goodness Oliver stopped my big mouth from ordering more than 3 dishes.

Like any other western dishes, chips and salad a must. They were served on a plate on its own, big plates (note the plural)! We made a big mistake when we chowed down the first plate of chips. By then we’re already half full from the shoe string potatoes. But then again, can’t blame the guys since we went out for dinner close to 9pm with an empty stomach. Yes, we went fasting and skipped lunch.

Overall, the food was ordinary; nothing special except they come in big sizes which is good when you come in big groups. Worth the money on that.



Right after the meal, we headed off to Jam Factory at Chapel St for a movie. Like always, it was an impromptu decision for a cinema treat. It was close to 11pm and the movies were quite limited so it was either James Bond’s Casino Royale or Pan’s Labyrinth. We chose the latter. It’s a spanish movie and closely resembled to American McGee’s Alice; a dark, disturbing fantasy fairy tale. It was pretty enjoyable and I must say that the CG effects was well made for a foreign movie. Storywise, well, a linear one.

And so after the movie, we called it a day. Fed and entertained. Amen.


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