Bluefire Grill

Yesterday, me and my bosses went for dinner at Bluefire Grill. I’ve booked it a week earlier, worrying that it may be full but to my surprise, there was only 1 or 2 tables occupied when we arrived. This gave me 2 different impressions: either we were too early for dinner or the place sucks. I prayed not the latter.

Overall, the food was so so. The sea food (calamari and fish) was slightly out of taste and not fresh. The only ones I enjoyed was the beef and lamb. The pork and chicken was tender but a little tasteless though they claimed they were marinated days ago.

Service was exceptionally good along with friendly and vibrant waitresses. Of course it was perfect considering there were only 3 or 4 tables occupied while the other 30 tables were empty. We were served by a Tassie lady who came to Melbourne 8 months ago and was into heavy metal guitar jamming. Apparently she and her band (forgot the name) were recording an album. To me, she’s a potential goth.

As usual, these people are smart. They’ll stuff you up with cheap and simple food first before the proper meal comes. So we had bread with dips as starters. The dips were potatoes, some mild chilli paste and spinach/asparagus (not sure which one, the waitress said). Liked the chilli though. There’s some olives to go along with it too.


Blue Fire Grill - Starters
(Starters: Bread and Dips)


Next, the vegetables that go with the meat. Guess what, they came in triple carbo bypass: more potatoes, corn and pumpkin. Stuff you up more.

Blue Fire Grill - Vegie
(Main: The triple carbo bypass)

Finally, the meat beckoned. Each came in turns, starting with roast beef, roast lamb, BBQ chicken, BBQ pork, spicy sausage, grilled calamari and lastly the grilled fish. The chef walked to our table with a skewer of meat. and then slowly he sliced chunks of mouth watering meat onto our empty plates. We were carnivores for the night.

Blue Fire Grill - Leftovers
(Main: The meat disappears faster than the speed of the camera shutter)


The meal ended with a nice cocktail: Japanese Slippers (where in the world they come out with that name). Some midori with a mixture of fruit juices. At the bottom there’s a cherry. Notice the straw that is stuck next to the side of the glass. The lady said it took her some time to do it. Joked that she had to lick it (!).

Blue Fire Grill - Cocktail
(Japanese Slippers)

Just like another meat fest, I can conclude that the food quality is comparable to the Limors dinner I had some time ago. Obviously the service here is slightly more lavish than the latter but heck, it’s an empty restaurant with a dear price tag. It’s an eye opener for tasting a grande dinner but will I come back again for a second round? Definately not.

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