A Night In Fantasia 2007 : Symphonic Games Edition


Another well spent evening at the Melbourne Arts Centre with the gang. This is the third time I’ve attended a symphonic concert from Eminence (concert details here), a local orchestra group that devoted themselves in anime/game music.

Unlike my previous visits where they usually held at little town halls and concert rooms in university, this one is going big; they go for the Hamer Hall at Melbourne Arts Centre. They have invited more famous composers from Japan as guests (though they don’t perform except giving a brief introduction during the concert).

One of them, Hitoshi Sakimoto (FF12 composer) gave one the funniest opening line during his speech. I don’t remember every single word he said so I can’t print it in verbatim, but here goes:

I love Australia and F1. I watched the F1 races in Albert Park on TV back in Japan. It’s so beautiful and lively. Yesterday, I went to Albert Park and I was disappointed. There’s nothing. Next time, if you (Eminence) want to hold a concert, please do it in March (when there’s F1 races)

My favourite pieces are the retro Mario Brothers Rhapsody, Legend of Mana and Metal Gear Solid.

By the end of the performance, we requested an encore. Forgot what games they were but Eminence sure gave a one hell of a closing to the audience. 

(Having culture is so expensive)

The Eminence group is bigger now with more musicians and they added a group of choir boys for choir/vocal. This is one of the best and breathtaking performance so far. Still new as a group, I noticed some irregularities in their notes, unbalanced sound and they were not playing in unison/ unsynchronised on certain ocassions. The sound system they setup was slightly irritating with frequent high decibels and pitches during the climax of their pieces. It sure put your mood off sometimes. Anyways, kudos to them for trying.

The “A Night in Fantasia 2007″ comes in two edition; The Gaming Edition (this one) and the Anime Edition which is scheduled some time in the middle/end of the year. I may attend the latter if the music pieces they pick is not so repeating from the previous years.


We forgo the autograph session when we saw the long queue in the foyer. After all, there’s no cute chicks sitting behind that autograph table so we left for coffee at the EQ Cafe Bar next to the Hamer Hall. Oh, we met one of Harju’s cousin there. Forgot what’s her name since this is the first time I met her.



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