Fishy Nightmare

On Sunday, the whole gang reserved the evening for the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and then a nice Thai dinner at the end of Lygon Street. What we didn’t expected was a lengthy movie and we came out pretty late. Jon booked a table of eight at the Thai restaurant (Dunno the name, my bad) and realised that by the time we walked out of the cinema, the restaurant was going to close for the day in 20 minutes time. So we ended up in one of those chinese/vietnam restaurant in Chinatown.

We got ourselves a head waitress who just can’t wait to ask for orders. The first time was 2 minutes after we seated without given the menu, and the second time was a minute AFTER we were given the menu. A couple times she pestered us when we were deciding what to eat after that. By the time we were READY to order, she’s nowhere to be seen. -_-;

Each of us picked a dish (6 dishes for 8 persons). The head waitress kept recommending us mud crabs and scallops, apparently it’s nice and fresh but of course, we declined politely. We decided to have steamed fish for seafood so Ivan asked her for a recommendation. Not sure what happened, we wanted to order siakap (Updated 29/05 – sea perch. Thanks sis!)  and we thought we did.

The dishes came and we were happy with it. The best part was of course the fish itself; It was huge and meaty. That sent me a signal, but I was too hungry to bother. Yumz.

When the bill came, I was the first who took a glance at the bill. As I was examining the list of items and the prices, a 3 digit number appeared before the grand total. The fish was in fact a coral trout and it smacked us a 140 bucks for that dish alone. Son of a ….

The fish was already in our stomach; we paid. That was one helluva experience for seafood. A 260 bucks in total. That’ll feed two tables and twice our numbers.Thank god we didn’t listen to the head waitress and ordered those scallops and mud crabs.

Still scarred from that ordeal, I woke up with a lethargic body this morning and I don’t feel like working today.

Lesson learned #1: Never, ever ask for a recommendation from the head waiter/waitress especially seafood.

Lesson learned #2: Even if you want to listen to one, make sure that item and pricing is listed in the menu. You won’t regret it later.

One thought on “Fishy Nightmare

  1. siakap is not coral trout la… it’s known as sea perch. Coral trouts are sek pan. ish.. what type of fish oso donno… only know how to eat.

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