Thai dins dins

We went to a Thai Restaurant for dinner last weekend. I’ve been hearing stories about this restaurant (unfortunately I forgot the name, again. My memory has been bad to me these days) from the good food it offers to the big portions. Originally we thought it was located at the end of Lygon Street but no, it was way way up towards Carlton North.

Knowing that I’m very fond of veggies dishes, my friend warned me not to order any veggies dishes here because for each dish they serve, they throw tons of greens in it. Having said that, we all ordered meat. Green, red and orange sort.

While reading the menu, I can’t help but noticed this little remark at the end of the page:

(So, how long we gonna need to wait!?)

Apparently this Thai restaurant is a popular stop for the locals here. Throngs of people lined up for takeaways (they gave away watermelons to you while you wait for your takeaways) and the tables are filled. My friend always warned me that, with that sheer size of people, you’ll need to wait a healthy 30-40 minutes before your food comes.

The food came. Veggies were abundant but not well cooked. The beef was a little salty for my taste while the chicken green curry, lamb curry and stir fried squid were okay. Service was excellent. Asking for extra servings of rice or replenishing our water bottles were swiftly and efficiently catered.

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