Spanish Night

Oliver, Ivan and the blogger went to try out the Spanish food that they have been talking about every now and then. That’s Robert Burns Hotel in Collingwood to you. It’s a typical pub dining place and you order at the counter (and pay) before you get your food. :)

Primarily dealing with seafood, we decided to get try the huge-ass pot of seafood, Marriscara (not sure if I spelled this right) and a paella (pronounced pie-la). As for drinks we got ourselves a jug of Sangria. Our order number was #80.

It was a typical Friday, so the pub was filled to the brim and we waited more than half an hour for the food to reach us.

The Paella we ordered was beef and chicken. The waitress gave us chicken and seafood. Apparently she misheard the cook that our order number was #18 instead of #80. It was way too late by the time they realised this; half of the pan was already in our stomach. It was good but I noticed in the Paella, they used the smallest chicken wings I’ve ever seen since I set foot onto Down Under.

The next dish was one pot (in the shape of a sea shell) of seafood with a variety mix of crabs, pipis, mussels, squids and prawns. It was nothing special. I felt like they boiled the seafood before they threw it into the soup. What’s worse, half of them are not fresh. You can feel the texture of the prawns, squid and crabs mushy and it reeks. We had trouble finishing this. Mental note: Make sure there’s four of us if we order this again.

The Sangria was the worst Sangria I ever had. I felt like drinking a glass of coloured-sugar-ed water with some lemon pieces floating on top. Ugh.

It was the first time I have so much seafood in one night. My stomach was bloated and need to perform my natural function very soon. Overall, it was a good experience but we were well overdosed with iodine for the night.  Nice variety in the menu but better leave the seafood in the hands of the orientals; they cook them better.


(Pizza with rice instead of dough)



(Ze pot of sea stuff)



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