Kyoto (Day 3 to 7) : Kyoto International Manga Museum

(Snapped this scene when we were walking aimlessly)

This was a random stop. We decided take a long walk instead of catching a train to the centre of the city. As we walked along the streets, the keyword manga caught my attention when we passed by the Kyoto International Manga Museum. The museum is primarily meant for 5-9 year old kids to visit, but being young at heart I joined them. It feels weird when you see an adult mingling around with a bunch of preschoolers, reading manga and skipping around ecstatically like a kid with new toys.

My travelling mate hesitated to go in with me, fearing his reputation being a “man” would be compromised. So a little “bribe” convinced the reluctant macho boy. The bribe was to cover a 500 yen entrance fee paid all by me. Haha, that’s a dirt cheap price paid to destroy a person’s dignity.



From left:
1. Entrance to the museum.
2. A sneak shot of manga works from around the world. No photography allowed by the way
3. Some education mascot. Hey, it’s Christmas okay?

Only after this visit, I realised how serious they were into the manga industry. They even have studies as well as research and development on it.

Rows after rows of manga were neatly arranged on the shelves for visitors to read. There were like thousands of books and they were peppered around the museum from the long corridors to classrooms (this museum used to be a school). Kids would be busy sitting on the floor, savouring the joy of reading manga without the parents buzzing around.

They have a special storage room, at the basement of the museum where they preserved all the yesteryears manga since 1800s. That’s a lot of manga collection.


Food oh food

What the heck I had for meals in Kyoto? Sadly enough, being alien to a new country and with the lack of their native language, probably the easiest way to grab a bite is fast food outlet chains. But I set myself a rule about fast food: Only go for it when you’re desperate for a meal. Ticket vending machine style meals would be a good choice too. No communication barrier. Pick what you want, pay the machine and you get your food. You make a mistake, you eat it. XD

Most of the time, meals are spent in Teramachi Street which I mentioned before they have a pot pourri of choices.

(A full set 700 yen meal – Clockwise from top: plain veggies, stirred fried veggies, cold bean curd, soup, sliced pork and rice)


The reason I invited myself to the Wendy’s was because I never tried one before. My first order was this burger and being one big fat bastard with 3/4 pound of meat, the buns couldn’t shield the massive size. I couldn’t even finish half of it. Americans.

(Wendy’s 3/4 pound triple cheese burger)

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