Kyoto (Day 3 to 7) : Teramachi Street

Teramachi Street (literally Temple Town) is probably an area where we hang out the most. A mix of traditional and modern shops with tons of food, I think we won’t get starved while we’re in Kyoto. It’s a long stretch of shops in these arcades (a couple more running parallel) and it was very lively during at night, especially the eve of Christmas. I was so excited that I forgot to take a photo of the Street.


(Darth Maul is sending parting gifts to the Jedi Knights)



Somewhere within the Teramachi Street lies the Nishiki Market (almost identical to wet market). We woke up very early one morning, hopefully to catch a glimpse of the rowdy and crowded market but came to our disappointment, it wasn’t the case. Around 9.00am, things were still picking up slowly and many shops were not opened yet. :/


(Early morning in Nishiki Market, west of Teramachi St)






First row, from left:
1. Grilled fish for sale
2. More grilled fish
3. Pickles and radishes
4. More pickles and radishes. XD
Second row, from left:
1. Fish shavings (Katsuobushi
2. Packaged pickles and radishes.
3. Skewered meat (raw).

P.S. These were the only shops that were opened while we were there, so there’s nothing much to shoot.


One of the nights while I was in Teramachi Street, I was desperately looking for a washroom to relieve myself. Randomly, I picked one of the major shopping centres and tried to find out where the washroom was located by looking at the directory (shown below). With that directory showing me the floor I should be, my first thought was why was it in between? I presumed they were being el-cheapo to print two washrooms signs for each floor ergo, they only showed one. I searched high and low on both floors and found none. As I passed by the staircase, I finally realised what the directory meant. It WAS located in between the floors (in the middle of two flights of stairs!). T.T

Lesson learned: “Read between the lines”, is the best way to describe it.


(The toilet is in between the floors. Where do I get off from the escalator?)




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