Silent Hill The Arcade

This is the only arcade game that I actually bother to finish it at an arcade centre. This Silent Hill arcade game was firstly discovered when I was in Japan. At that time I paid no attention to the box as I thought it was just another shooter. But wherever I go there is an arcade centre at every corner of Akihabara, Shinjuku and Shibuya, and it mesmerised you. Finally succumbed, my mate and I finished the game. Not once, twice.


Silent Hill

Plot is not consistent with the Silent Hill timeline and corny English dialogues. However I enjoy killing these monsters than the common zombies. The good thing about the game is, there is no time constraints (Time Crisis), losing health/time when killing a hostage (House of the Dead) or impossible-to-kill bosses. Probably that made me wanted to play for the third time. Oh yes, the last victory was yesterday. To mark my 27th birthday, I had another go at the Crown arcade. More costly than the ones in Japan, but heck it’s my big day: I do what I want.

Total wins: 3
Total spend: ~$20.00
Total time wasted: ~2 hours
Arm injuries: Constantly

P.S. I did a comparison of the difficulty settings between the ones at Crown’s and Japan’s. The bastards at Crown really made my life hard.

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