Another whacky Flash from IOSYS. Usa..usa…usa…usa!



(USA x27) (USA~)
"Hey, why don't we have a PoFV match, PoFV?"
"Oh all right."
"I'll tell you that I'm really strong though."
"Really strong I am."
"Since I have a sempai who's
number 5 in Japan."
"I have a sempai who's number 5 at PoFV."
"All right let's play."
"So what are we going to make a bet at?"
"Money? Oh... all right..."
"A meal? Fine, a meal."

"Then, Raamen Large Size then"
"with extra rost pork toppings"
"extra, extra!"
"I should restrain myself"
"Restrain myself..."
"So, I'll be using Tewi."
"So, you don't use Tewi."
"I'm going to be using Tewi."
"Hey, I told you not to use Tewi."
"You should use Cirno."
"You like Cirno, right?"
"So, don't use Tewi."
"Hey, I told you not to use Tewi!"
(TEI x63 TE~I)

Mischievous rabbit.
Bad girl rabbit.
Ill minded rabbit.
It's the rabbit of happiness.
(USA x28)

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