Aftermath of The Japan Trip

A Japan trip will never be complete without some anime shopping. While weight was not an issue when I brought these goodies back, the available space on the baggage was total exhausted. With so much stuff to bring home, I was so desperate to seek every single inch I could salvage from any hand carry or main luggage.


(The infamous klutz in the Windows family, Me-tan)




From left:
1. Nendoroid Binchou-tan
2. Nendoroid Haruhi
3. Revy from Black Lagoon
4. Saber from Fate/stay Night



From left:
1. Netrunmon’s Firefox-ko with little Thunderbird-ko plushie
2. Aries (or Aerith) of Final Fantasy: Advent Children
3. The annoying Kon from Bleach. A better plushie than the ones sold at Manifest.
4. The forever-hungry-Windows-OS, XP-tan



(Some Maneki Nekofor my laptop and PCs)


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