Kyoto (Day 3 to 7) : Osaka drop by Part 2

After Umeda Sky Building, I headed off to Minami, at the south of Osaka. They said Minami is the Akihabara for Osaka.


(The long stretch of shopping arcade underneath Namba)





From left:
1. Another fav of mine. Taiyaki with cream and chocoloate fillings
2. Some dancing fountain in the Namba Station shopping hall. I was enjoying the taiyaki there
3. They put up something nice to read along the construction area
4. A glance at Minami



From left:
1. Interrupted Elmo’s lunch.
2. Another arcade and pachinko outlet
3. Took this because I like the sculpture on the left. Reminds of the the African people in Doreamon
4. A shop that sells your favourite comedian/actors in a biscuit. :D



From left:
1. Mmmm, takoyaki
2. Decided to visit one of the cybercafes. It is cheaper to stay in the cubicle at the cybercafe than spending the night at a capsule hotel (~3800 yen)
3. My dinner. A complete 3 combo: Rice with fried egg, ramen and cold soba plus some radishes.

It was a good a day trip in Osaka. I didn’t bother to go to Disney Japan since it’s a long was to the west so I went back to Kyoto with an evening train.

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