Kyoto (Day 3 to 7) : Osaka drop by Part 1

Sheesh, I actually forgot to post the short trip to Osaka. My bad, my bad.

Osaka is about 20 minutes away from Kyoto via Shinkansen so I decided to take a one day trip to visit the industrious Osaka. That day was a gloomy day unfortunately; it drizzled for the entire day, restricting my choices of place to go.

First stop: Umeda Sky Building. According to the guidebook (yes, I bought a Lonely Planet travel book), this building is a must to visit. It housed 39 floors of busines offices while the observatory at the top of the floor was opened for visitors to enjoy the view… for a price of course. Nothing’s free. 700 yen.


(It’s not haze, it’s the mist)





From left:
1. One of many angles you can observe the city of Osaka.
2. Not sure what it was but my first assumption was “Up yours!”.
3. On the way up to the observatory via the escalator.
4. Uh uh, see through eh?



From left:
1. Long way down
2. Some showcase at the base of the observatory.
3. The big dude’s eyes moved!
4. Ah, the famous Glico brand.



From left:
1. Seats provided if you are interested to observe the sun set in the evening.
2. Funniest menu I’ve read so far.
3. The miniature model of the Umeda Sky Building.
4. There is always a mascot for every building, district, etc. It has personal details of um, itself.



From left:
1. Solely meant for children, but I can’t help myself stamping the mascot and bring it home
2. Some fortune telling corner. I took a paper slip and didn’t know I have to pay to bless with good luck. Mua ha ha, free fortune telling.
3. Now I regret for not paying a dime for a blessing.
4. The telescope was free of charge. There are many things you can do when you are too free, like perving spying unsuspecting locals. Unfortunely, the locals who stayed around Umeda Sky Building knew about this and kept their doors/windows shut. Bah.


There was a staircase that led me to the top of the top of the building when I could freely roam around a small section of the area out in the open. It was raining pretty hard by the time we got there, and obviously no one would bother to venture outside. Me and my mate were arrogant enough to do so. We walked the four corners of the rooftop, pushing against the spitting rain along with the raging wind and we came back with a couple of silly shots.

The security guards there had a good time watching the two gaijins making a fool of themselves.


(Extreme wind + spitting rain + roof top of a tall building = A real dumb shot)



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