Tokyo (Day 8 to 13) : Akihabara

(With shops like these, I’ll be visiting every one of them)


The buildings and the decorations in Akihabara outmatched any other districts that I went. A very busy district filled with electronic and anime/mange otakus. Just the kind of place that I’ll dwell. I came here twice and twice I went back to hotel with bags of goodies. After two such visits, it was enough for me to decide that I will definitely return here again on the next trip (if there’s one).

#1: There were chicks scattered around Akihabara
#2: There were chicks behind the shop counters attending the customers (me!)
#3: There were chicks dressed up as cosplays
#4: Meido cafes to visit!

Okay okay, I admit I didn’t achieve reason #4 above. No guts to step into that unholy domain without a solid knowledge of Japanese.


Around Akihabara





The shops


From left:
1. Melon Books, a doujinshi shop. It was small and crampy but that didn’t stop a horde of hard core otakus. It opened my eyes on the extremes too: Plenty of overweight, sweaty and smelly lechers (sad to say, no females in that shop) patronising this shop. A lot of H-doujins sold. *wink* *wink*
2. The popular Gamers. They already queued outside on an early weekday morning waiting for it to open, 1 hour later.
3. Anime figurines on display.
4. Cosplay costumes (strictly no photography, but that doesn’t apply to me)



From left:
1. An anime figurines shop. Every different genre was divided into different floors such as fantasy, sci-fi, school, maid etc
2. You can guess which floor would be my favourite.
3. Old skool consoles for sale!
4. Used games for sale!


Anime food(?)


Even the sale of food contains anime elements. Who wouldn’t want to have a bite of cookies that a maid eats? ;D 


Life size Haruhi 

Somwhere along the streets of Akihabara, I discovered a huge, awesome Haruhi Suzumiya statue outside a game shop.


(Ze life-size Haruhi)


(I must thank my mate for such a “professional” shot. Marvelous indeed)


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