Tokyo (Day 8 to 13) : Roppongi

I didn’t explore much around Roppongi. It was pretty dull around so I only hanged around at a shopping mall.


(A shopping mall in Roppongi)



The outside

roppongi_10.jpg roppongi_11.jpgroppongi_12.jpg


Inside the ‘food court’


From left:
1. Biscuits/Pastries for 3900yen
2. Steamed rice with different flavours.
3. Cakes, cakes, cakes
4. More cakes!



From left:
1. These are real spring roll. I thought it was for display only.
2. More confectionaries. They really know how to decorate a shop.
3. Fruits are luxuries items. A small watermelon is at least 2500yen
4. Liquor store


For lunch we had Australian food at the Outback Steakhouse. This is ridiculous, some would say. Of all types of food that I can enjoy, I ironically ended up eating food that is easily accessible back home. Not sure why we chose this, it was pretty random. Oh yes, now I remembered. I promised myself once to try out western meal at least once.


From left:
1. Bloomin’ onions
2. Aussie cheese fries

Once again, I screwed up the Japanese’s drone-like, clockwork mind. Typically for a western meal, they always expect one to order an appetiser and a main course for each. We decided 3 appetisers to be shared between the two of us. The waitress blinked for a while when I gave that order and took her 5 seconds to recollect her thoughts. Then she asked if one of these was to be my main course and I said no. She stoned for a moment again. Then I said, “I waaaaant (stressed) these three to be shared. No main course please”. Finally she understood.

The food was good. Too good and we ordered too much: we miscalculated the portions of the appetisers again.

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