Tokyo (Day 8 to 13) : Shinjuku

Another trip during the evening and this time it’s Shinjuku. It was livelier than in the day, the buildings there were dressed up to blind you with a rainbow rays of colourful neon lights and huge LCD TVs.

(The city that never sleeps)



The facets of Shinjuku:





From left:
1. A random shot using my new DSLR
2. Illumination ‘circus’ as they call it
3. Bunch of happy penguins




From left:
1. Krispy Kreme. As usual, the queue is long and to avoid a stampede from the hordes of customers, they only allowed a handful of doughnuts lovers at a time to enter into the shop.
2. Fancy ice-cream with a half loaf of bread?
3. Hell yeah I gonna try one of these. I did. The Mega Tamago.



(Their Maccas here put the Australia’s counterparts into shame)


Usually when I’m done with my meal, I will be nice enough to dispose the trash into a bin and return the tray but Japan’s Maccas gave me more work.

I have to:
1. Dispose the trash (fries boxes, serviettes, etc) into bin A
2. Discard the cap of the drink and the straw into bin B
3. Empty the cup and dispose the ice into bin C
4. Dispose the cup into bin D

I chucked everything into bin A. Mua ha ha.

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