Tokyo (Day 8 to 13) : Studio Ghibli Museum

On the last day in Japan, I concluded the trip with a visit to Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. It’s a must trip for any fans of Hayao Miyazaki where you can see all his works in real life.


(Studio Ghibli Museum main entrance)


Getting there from the hotel was a little far off. I had to switch two trains and the journey took about an hour and a half. At Mitaka station, I had to board a special bus (Neko bus, as they described it) that ferried us the visitors to the museum which was about 5-8 minutes away for a small fee. 

(The Neko bus)


Once again, photography within the museum is a no no. Here’s a link for you to catch a glimpse of how it looks like.

For a short period of time, the museum offers different short films (about 15 minutes), screened in the theatre room. I get to watch a small ‘sequel’ of Totoro.


From left:
1. Some huge door in the museum compound.
2. Totoro was being stared at by many
3. Some old fashion water pump that works
4. Some cats staring from the window



From left:
1. The soot creatures from Spirited Away
2. Top view of the Museum
3. An over-priced cafe that I didnt bother visit
4. A star walk? ;D



From left:
1. The logo emblem of Studio Ghbli
2. Some sort of garden and a shed
3. A logo emblem on a brick



From left:
1. Some weird language written on a big cube.
2. The giant robot from Laputa.


And hence, marks the endth of yer two-week break away from Australia. I departed for Melbourne a few hours later (loved the rush from Mitaka back to hotel and then an hour ride to Narita Airport) and two days after that, I was right behind the working desk once more. T.T

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