Tokyo (Day 8 to 13) : I eat therefore I am

My mate and I decided to treat his cousin a good dinner as a gesture of gratitude for taking us around Tokyo. We let him to decide the restaurant and we had yakiniku for that night. A wonderful, appetising experience of BBQ-ing expensive beef slices.


(Thin slices of juicy sizzling beef)





From left:
1. Kimchi. A good way to open up your appetite
2. Beef tataki
3. Raw beef anyone?
4. Four different parts of the beef and a total of 8 slices on each plate. This cost us 3,200 yen each. We had a few.


(The hand that couldn’t wait for me to finish my snap shot)


And of course we left the restaurant with another new experience, for me that is. For the first time in my life, I’ve tasted the state of being a drunkard. Usually I controlled the intake of alcoholic beverages but during that estatic night, I crossed the sanity line. All thanks to the mugs of Asahi beers and sochu that made me puked at every train station stop. All the good beef wasted. Grrr.

My mate had the best night, enjoying my agony and drunkenness state as we I tried to get back to the hotel in one piece.

Lesson learned: If you want to get drunk, do it at home.

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