Toy of the Day: Fraulein Revoltech II

Here’s another Neon Genesis Evangelion companion of the Fraulein Revoltech. Say hi to Asuka Langley, a Kaiyodo Revoltech released on the first of March last month. Got it a few weeks later.






One thought on “Toy of the Day: Fraulein Revoltech II

  1. i really love the revoltech toys. my first one was a very cute girl i dont remember her name. (she has a red shirt cross on it and a black skirt long brown hair)I am also getting Revy from the black lagoon and one of the cute twin girls. My friend on the other hand she is getting all kinds i know she is getting the girl which is on the clock at the top the one in black with long blue hair. But i really do love them i think every toy should move like they do! ^-^

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