My injury is “mechanical”

A couple weeks ago, I sprained my lower back when I was doing some heavy lifting. Initially my sis worried it might be a slipped disc so I was advised to see a GP. As usual the old procrastinating me, wish I heeded her words then. I thought I’ll just leave it to heal by itself until a couple of days ago, I got a really painful stiff at night.

Anyways, I went to see a doctor. Good news was, it’s only a sprained lower back as suspected and it’ll take a bit of time to heal. In the mean time, she suggested me a few back exercise techniques to speed up the healing and maybe consult a chiropractor. Before I left the medical centre, I was just asking if there is a possibility of a slipped disc. She scoffed off the idea and said if it really is, my legs would be very weak and feel some tingling sensation (like Spidey?).

She ended up the conversation, “Don’t worry, it’s just mechanical”. For a split second I thought I was consulting a  robotic engineer and felt like a cyborg. Medical jargons, huh.

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