Mt Buller trip

I’ve always wanted to have a go at the snow mountains and I’ve been pondering about it for years but I couldn’t find the opportunity nor the company to go with. Last month, my mate from Perth suggested that we should take a trip to Mt Buller when his wife and himself drop by to Melbourne for a  little R & R. And I thought, “why not”? On the eve of the trip, I went off to some ski shops near my home with my sister to rent the ski equipment and waterproof clothing. It ain’t cheap but it’s better than buying my own $500 ski jacket and pants.

Mt Buller is about 3 hours plus from the city of Melbourne. We started the journey at 4am and rode all the way through the country side, admiring the breathtaking morning dawn. We knew we’ve reached Mt Buller when we saw traces of snow along the elevated and winding road. Woohoo!


The weather was sunny and according to my mate, there was lesser people than the last time he came. That was a good, good day to enjoy ski-ing.


I’m a first timer (a la noob); I absolutely know nothing about the techniques nor the basic moves of ski-ing. Everyone suggested a ski lesson (at least an hour’s worth) and being a cheapskate, I’ve decided to rely on my mate and my beloved sister to guide me away from snowballing down the moutain. On the first two runs, I ski’d backward, crashed and burned froze while struggling to learn snowploughing and avoiding the people around me at the same time. On the third run, I’ve made it!  Time to go steeper and higher (and crash harder, faster)

When we returned to Melbourne, we had a nice, steamy spicy meal to warm back up our tired bodies. The next day, my mate and his lovely wife left for Perth.

Thanks to Alfred Low (My Thoughts Inexactly) for the photos via his brand new iPhone 4.

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