Bad traffic gives you thoughts!

I’m starting to dislike long distant commuting to work by car these days. It is not the horrible traffic nor the rude drivers nor the blasted passing trains/trams that hogged the streets. It’s just that I can’t do anything else but looking straight, drive diligently and avoid uncouth road bullies cutting in suddenly. The longer it takes me to get to work, more time is “invested” into thoughts (daydreaming sometimes). I tend to start to think about a lot of unnecessary things. Things needed to fix. Procrastinated tasks. Miserable stuff. Dumb office peeps. Worrisome thoughts. Murderous intents. Things that triggers my anger (not a good thing to happen early in the morning). Most of the time, it just spoils my day and I become unproductive.

I really missed commuting to work via public transportations. At least I can fiddle with my mp3 players or my mobile phone or my portable console; in other words, total distraction. No worries all the way to work.

But thank god it’s Friday today. At least I can leave my mind to rest on the weekend but the following Monday is another story.

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