Cyanogenmod 7 for Motorola Milestone

Update (4th April 2011): Found out that the mod is draining my battery as fast as within a day! There’s a fix on this and I’m going to try it out.

Installing a custom rom for an android mobile phone is quite a challenging move for me. It took a while for yours truly to take a big step forward and whack the Android mod rom into the mobile phone. I have a Motorola Milestone, running on a Motorola branded Android 2.1. All is fine and dandy until the lacking of disk space for my apps irritated me.

It took me two days to read in various forums/websites and figured out what to be done. I rooted my mobile sometime ago with SuperOneClick prior upgrading the Android OS. I don’t think I need to repeat what the instructions these seasoned dudes (here and here) have provided.

Note: Before you ever start rooting or installing a custom rom, please research properly and know what you are doing or else you might brick/mess up your mobile phone. I’m only passing my own personal experience of installing one and will not take responsibility of your actions.

What I did to mine was basically :

1. Copied the custom rom and Google apps into the SD card
2. Boot to OpenRecovery 3.3
3. Backup the current rom (in case anything happens)
4. Wipe  (davlik cache, cache, data)
5. Install the CM7
6. Install Google apps

I ran into a hiccup somewhere in step 5 when I came across with an error “E:EOCD marker occurs after start of EOCD E:signature verification failed”. Apparently, I have to fix the vulnerable recovery issue before I can proceed with the installation. That was where I almost pulled my hair out.

Anyways, I did manage to install everything  and it was worth the effort. Did I tell you it’s faster now? Hurrah…

Oh, to boot into system recovery mode, I read there’s various ways. Some said holding down Power Button and Camera Button and some said holding down Power Button and the ‘X’ key on the keypad. For me it’s the latter . It all depends the version of the bootloader your mobile phone has.

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