15 thoughts on “Kopiko with a 2000 Rupiah note

  1. Totally bizarre. Just happened to me… 2000 rupiah like you. Had to Google and see if anyone else got some. Guess this rates as one of my strangest confectionery experiences thus far.

    Some poor indonesian worker probably dropped their week’s wages…

    Maybe I’ll send it back to the factory in Indonesia heh

  2. happen to me this morning. I found 2,000 rupia in my kopiko bag.
    This is second time to find money. The note obviously is used and it’s not part of any Ad.
    Thats really strange!
    AT the moment X Files episode is running on my laptop.. hehe


  3. Omg I’m not the only one!!! (I though i was lucky…) Just now I found 2000 rupiah nicely folded in a KOPIKO bag. What exactly is going on with KOPIKO industries? It has Prince Antasari on it. He freaked me out!

  4. by the way… did you guys find them in Australia?

    There is an Ad on my packet which says: Dapatkan, Uang Tunai Langsung, Dalam Kemasan (bila beruntung)…which I think means like direct give away cash! (by google translation)

  5. OK, this is weird! i am in Nigeria and i also just found a 2000 Rupiah note neatly folded in my packet too. What does this mean and should i be scared? My packet also has the message Rose has on it……

  6. I got a 2000 rupiah in my packet, which had the banner on it. It was neatly folded also:) the banner on the front translates to “get cash directly in the packaging (if lucky)” So I guess this was a cash promotional giveaway. Congratulations, we are all lucky! :) (melbourne, australia)

  7. I purchased three bags of Kopiko this evening from a local Asian supermarket in Melbourne. While emptying them into the lolly jar, two 2000 rupiah notes fell out. My first instinct was to google “rupiah kopiko” and mystery is instantly solved.

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