Work and Personal development

As I’m being employed to an organisation for a long period of time, there is always room for personal/work development. Over time, new things appear and you’ll start in pursuit for such new technology and skills. Something to improve one’s skillset or work knowledge so that oneself can improve one’s contributions to an organisation. Having said that, such scenario usually happens in a very optimistic world or an organisation that loves to spend mindlessly. In truth, it’s hard work and a lot of convincing and coercing to do. Well, unless you are a seasoned ‘shoe polisher’, you have to wait. A very long wait. Acquiring resources (regardless it’s training or equipment) to commit my work more efficiently is a taxing effort. Asking approvals from a procrastinating management is like squeezing water out of a rock. A fruitful outcome usually took me more than a year to realise.

Learning from those bitter experiences, I’ve grown up. I’ve learned to uphold the good old saying, “If you want to do it, do it yourself” and have decided to invest my time, my finance and my own effort to get things done (of course I have to watch out my budget and monetary constraints unless trading dirt and old clothes are expensive commodity out there now). I’ll pay and I’ve paid my own training and equipment. That’s that!

So how does it feel? Satisfied, yes. A dent in my pocket, definitely a yes but it was worth it. Knowledge is priceless and they can’t take it away from you, unlike a company mobile phone; it’s not like I’m entitled to one anyways. ; )

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