DSLR tethering with Nikon D90

(Pardon my shot. My Motorola Milestone camera is not something worthy to brag about)

It’s pretty frustrating especially for a newbie like me who do not know how to judge a picture preview via the camera LCD or reading the histogram. So I always ended up realising of bad photo capturing only when I got home, copied to my desktop and viewed on a computer monitor. Precious moments are wasted and there’s nothing I can do.

There is no way a poor employee like me (sad cue coming in…) to afford software like Nikon Camera Control Pro or Mac Aperture 3 to manage my photos live in real time. Like the saying goes, “When there’s a will, there’s a way” and with much perseverence, I found some nifty applications/workaround for free. DIYPhotoBits  has provided a script that lets you tether the DSLR with the laptop via USB cable on Windows. Now I can easily preview my images on a larger screen instead of the camera LCD and manage my shots. And yes, Mac has  an application for tethering too; Sofortbild.

And oooh, I’m so tempted to tether my DSLR with the iPad via this method but it will cost a bit of investment in both hardware and software. More fun times ahead :D

One thought on “DSLR tethering with Nikon D90

  1. Hi – I have tried controlling my D90 from a laptop with DIYPBits but no luck getting it to work. Would love it if you could post your sequence of success (and CC my email)!

    The interface displays in a browser right?

    I’d like to import into ACRaw ideally.

    Many thanks………..Jon

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