iPad-ing finally

Just got myself a first generation iPad to fiddle around with this week. I’ve been weighing between the first gen iPad and the new iPad 2 for a while. Why would I choose the former. Probably the first excuse was affordability, which I’ve saved $190 if I chose a refurbished first generation. Either way, I’m giving Steve Jobs more money

Secondly, jail breaking was part of my first priority. Again, iPad 2 is not breakable as of now so it’s a dead weight for me if I chose to buy it now. And thirdly, the apps and my goal of using the iPad does not require the brand new iPad 2’s double camera function nor the raw power of the new processor nor the boasting thinner size.

Having said that, I’ve not fallen to the dark side yet though I’ve tasted a fair share of Apple products (iPhone is not in my wish list, ok). I must say jail breaking an iPad is almost idiot proof. I don’t think anything can go wrong badly, like bricking an Android mobile phone when rooting it.

p.s I’m writing this post via the iOS’s WordPress app. Obviously took a bit of effort to write a long post but I must admit they did a good job with the touch keyboard/pad.

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