An eBay story: Keeping it fake

I’ve been patronising eBay for years and of all the purchases I’ve made outside the shores of Australia, this particular instance really made my day. After going through all the purchasing process from eBay, I received a confirmation email of my order and later on an item tracking email. Now, the latter is pretty normal to have, depending on the seller but after clicking the link to check on the shipping progress, I was redirected a simple page with a table which contains some simple data. No company logo, no headings but a blank white page.

(Click to enlarge)

Checking the codes reviewed nothing much but a poorly constructed HTML and trying to reach their main site returns an HTTP 403 Forbidden response. Now I do not recall there’s a courier or a shipping facility provider calling themselves ‘’ and judging from the way they present their ‘website’, it is obviously a fake. A fake package-shipping-tracking-site. Not sure why they pull out a half-bake effort into such a site, perhaps they are trying to offer a false sense of security to the buyer?
Good thing I bought an item that has a negligible value from these people. If I don’t receive it within 2 weeks, boy I’m contemplating to give a negative feedback.

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