Dreamweaver CS4 boo boo

It’s Friday and I’d loved to see no dramas until the end of the TGIF day. But nooo, something came up the moment I sat down in front of my office desk. For years, I’ve never had a problem with Dreamweaver before. One typical day, boom! I got a weird error prompt when I tried to open a HTML file with my Dreamweaver CS4.

After ‘googling’ (a geeky term huh?) around, I’ve found some users who have similar problem like mine, except some they might have different translators (FTP, ASP,etc)  in the error message. Apparently a  dat file is corrupted somehow and needs to be corrected. And so, what they suggested was renaming or deleting a particular WinFileCache configuration *.dat file in the user settings folder.

The steps:

  1. Close down the Dreamweaver application
  2. Locate this WinFileCache file. I’m using Windows 7 so it’s in C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\en_US\Configuration
  3. Find a file called ‘WinFileCache-xxxxxx.dat‘ (I think the xxx codes might be vary from different user, operating systems, dreamweaver versions, etc). Anyways to play safe, I renamed mine instead of deleting to ‘WinFileCache-xxxxxx.dat.bak‘  in case something screws up.
  4. Restart the Dreamweaver and try to open a file (any)
  5. And hoooray, everything goes back to normal! *Cheers*
In the configuration folder, Dreamweaver will re-create a new WinFileCache dat file.
Another issue solved. TGIF, yeah!



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