Happy Birthday to me…

It’s my birthday yesterday and today I’m officially over the 30 year old bracket. Signs of hitting the old age (well for me, 30s is old) is the severe backache I’m still suffering. According to the physiotherapist, it was a disc spinal injury. Having said that there was no no grand celebration, no drinking sessions, no visitations from mates. I’m just not in the mood for anything until my back gets healed. It was just a simple, quiet dinner with my partner.

What about prezzies? Nah, I’m way too old for that now. I buy my own present and it’s a bicycle.  The irony is, it was that same darn bike that aggravated my back in the first place when I tried to transport it back to my home. It was also one of my new year resolutions, to pick up cycling again after more than 15 years and go healthy. Now, the new shiny bike is sitting idly in my garage and I’m not in a position to ride it.  (-__-)”

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