Shuffling in my office space during Christmas break

I usually opted to work during my office’s official Christmas break (a.k.a close down period) in between late December and early January.

Some of many reasons to do so:

  • I can save up my annual leave for something else better since going out for holidays during these crazy peak seasons ain’t worth it.
  • I can concentrate on my work without a hint of disturbance/ distraction from my fellow colleagues. Well if I’m really that good, I wouldn’t be blogging right now -___-“
  • I own the office for a short time!
  • I can blast my music loud and whenever I want.
  • I can practically stripped naked and do silly walks in the office without anyone seeing me.

Okay, the last reason is just a figure of speech. Not that I actually did it.

Enough time wasted to think what to write next. Back to work.


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