3 Solid Weeks

Work has been piling. No. Not really, wrong choice of words. Technically the work load is the same but as the saying goes, "the customer is always right", I had to redo the same task again and again for the sake of that motto.

A typical scenario: The client wanted an "A", I gave him an "A". When I delivered, the fickled minded idiot wanted a "B" instead, ergo, I gave him a "B". As expected, his mind changed again and decided to have an "A" back. Worse, he wanted a hybrid of "A" and "B" from time to time during the discussion. To those who are programmers, you will understand how complicated it is when a specification is changed. It is not as simple as taking out a line or two of the codes. Testing and rewriting chunks of codes consumes time and brain juice.

To sum up the story, I have to spend the weekends (3 solid weeks altogether) to re-code and re-test so the deliverables are completed within timeframe. Not to mention, in the meantime I have other work commitment in between that to finish, hence staying late after work hours to concentrate the prolonged project. Additionally, no one in office can help me since none of them is a programmer. Bah.

Finally, the client accepted it and today is the day I can exhale and call it the day.


Finally, a new member has joined into my small office family. Da Boss has
finally decided to employ another person so that he can shakes off some of his
reponsibilities (and mine! wahaha) to this newbie.

time, he used the agent service to head hunt for one. Out of 100 applicants, the
agent nailed down to 2, where the boss has to choose: either a Middle Eastern
lady or a Vietnamese lady. The latter got it.

Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?

On the first day of work, she came earlier than I did, but no key to get into the office. Haha tough luck. Wait outside yer oaf. When I got there, we chatted briefly about ourselves (the usual protocols) and her next agenda of the conversation took me off by surprise.The first 3 main questions from her mouth:

1. What time do we finish work
2. What time do we start work
3. How is the boss treating you

During the week, I was bombarded with more questions: "Do you have Christmas break?", "When do I get my salary","Can I dress casual on Friday? It’s casual Friday", "Do I have my own emails", "Do you work on weekends" etc. Playing along with her, I answered "postively". Don’t ask me what I’ve answered; I’ve already mind wiped for the weekend.


Hostile takeover
And now, the serenity of the office is turning into a chitchat atmosphere. Bah, there goes my peaceful quiet moments. I even had to turn up my internet radio up. Whoa, I almost forgot about this. Last week was her first week of work and she’s already abusing the office phone with her petty calls. The keyboard clacking is increasing and the unproductive phone (her mobile and office) is ringing more frequent. Noise pollution &%@$#^&*@#!

One week has gone by and less interrogation questions from her. Good sign. For the past fews weeks, I have piles of work to be done, so I didn’t have time to entertain the newbie. Probably I’ll find some time to have some "get-to-know-you" session this week.


It’s Independence Day in Malaysia today, uh uh. In retrospection, it a day of holiday away from school/college to slack off back then. You stay at home, stare at parades on TV, watch countless action movies (censored though) from different channels at a time, hang out with friends to perv at chicks, spend more time with your imaginary friends or get extra hours worth of nagging from parents.

While I’m in Oz-land, Merdeka is an excuse for the in-duh-viduals here to start a "Merdeka" clubbing event. Holding our beer mugs high up in unison while screaming our lungs dry with "Yam-sheng" (good old malaysian culture) really scared the hell out of the aussies in the clubs! Additionally, I heard there’s some celebration/food festival in the Malaysia Hall down South Melbourne during the weekend. ^^

Alas, it is just another ordinary routine day here. Oh well, back to work.


I needed to convert a 900Mb MS Access database to MSSQL. My first attempt was on my machine (A P4 3.0 , 1Gb RAM): Got me booted out of the network after leaving it for the night. On the second attempt I used the office’s server (A double Xeon with 2Gb RAM) and left it over the weekend. So it started on the Friday (18th) clocking at 4.20pm and ended on the Saturday (19th), 8.19pm. Not bad for an overloaded database.

As usual, there’s never been a perfect conversion. An earful of errors prompted on the LCD screen when I got back this morning: 150,000-ish rows in a few particulars table have invalid dates, stamped on the year 1695 or before. Jeez, what the hell are these people doing out there? Time travel?

For the Love of Naruto

Spanning to 197 episodes (to date) and counting, it is catching up with Lupid and Dragon Balls Z. Honestly I see no stoppage of this overrated anime.Ownedz with the longest fillers (or "feelers") I’ve ever seen, I’m sure it’ll go more than 250-300 episodes before a final knockout with this endless tale. I ain’t no Naruto maniac, call me casual enthusiast.

P.S. A bit of good news for the maniacs out there. Rumours said that the fillers are going to end in episode 199 and kicks off with the Kakashi Gaiden story. For those who follow up with the manga, you’ll know what it is.

[Dattebayo BitTorrent]N7745oj_2


Startmb4_2Anime knows no bounds, like they said eh?  Hanoka is one of them. Featuring itself as a 12 episode anime, Hanoka is fully developed and animated using Macromedia Flash.

From AnimeNFO, "The story takes place on a planet Tokinea where human beings and Star Races have been fighting. The story revolves around a girl who was made as ‘Demon God’, an ultimate weapon against human beings, and a boy who is a partner of the girl. "

Pretty cool animation for a Flash anime. I’ve been there and I know how hard Flash animations are done. But of course, there’s a bit of touching up using video editing tools to spice up the effects and atmosphere.

However on the downside, it’s a four minute animation per episode (that including an opening theme song ^^). Not as bad as King of Fighters: Another day which is 7 minutes with a 3-4 minutes worth of a closing song.You know how frustrating it is when an anime wastes the air time with a lengthy opening song, a flashback of previous episodes and a preview of the upcoming episodes especially anime that is only 5 to 15 minutes in length.

[Official Website]




w00t! They are remaking Kanon and it’ll be airing this Fall (theirs, not here!). The remake will be done by Kyoto Animation, the same gang who made Air TV. This time it’ll be a 24 episodic anime instead of 13 (from Kanon 2002). The best part is, the original seiyuus will return to cast the anime voices. Here comes Ayu and her uGuuuuu!

Kanon_01_1(top pic: Kanon 2006, bottom pic: Kanon 2002)

[Trailer 1]
[Trailer 2]
[Official Website]


Iitehhh! Mah fingers!

When I walked out of my office to empty my overnight water cache, a cute azn chick that works in the other office next to mine just came in. Managed to take a long glance closed up but paid with a heavy price. As my office glass door was closing, my ignored left fingers were slammed and jammed in between it. &*#$%@!! Hurts like sunovabeach. Need to stop typing for a while. I can’t feel them no more.

da uGuu-ness


Update (14th August): Here’s a video clip when she uguus [Watch]

Once in a while, some peeps will ask me this: "What’s uGuu?", "What does uGuu mean?". And in return I will challenged, "10 points for you if you can spot which anime it’s from". None replied. Losers. ^_^

Surprisingly I found a "definition" in the Urban Dictionary:

1. uguu

This expression came from the H-game (hold that thought pal!) PC/PS2/DC/anime Kanon. Ayu Tsukimiya’s line (and probably the most famous throughout Kanon). This is her expression when she moans, or whines (like eeeehh, but more original).

Ayu: I’m cooking cookies.
Yuuichi: I bet they’ll taste terrible.
Ayu: Uguu! I’ve learned how to bake from Akiko-san!
Yuuichi: You can’t learn how to bake with just watching in a day..
..although I’ll eat them if you manage to make them look good.
Ayu: Really?! Then I’ll do my best!

And ergo…

In layman’s terms, it is just loose expressions or remarks (sometimes irrelevant or none sensical, yet it’s cute) that are commonly used in anime, usually a trademark of the shows. For example:

1. In DiGi Charat Dejiko always ends her lines with a "nyoo/nya",
2. In Nurse Witch Komugi, Komugi’s sidekick Mugimaru ends his lines with "mugi"
3. Some anime where the character ends lines with "~desu"
4. Card Captor Sakura and her "Hoeeeeee" screams.

[Kanon from Wikipedia]
[More Kanon]

Gee. Now you guys know what it means, can’t insult you losers no more. Damn.


Killer Lolis


What the…

When I was watching the first episode, I would have thought Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (The Moment the Cicadas Cry) was just a simple standard out-of-the-box koibito-drama hit. Apparently I was wrong. It turned out to be a disturbing and graphical anime with murderous lolis roaming around in a small rural community.

New Twist

The Japanese murder-mystery style dramas are hardly inspired into anime; The last one I watched was Perfect Blue in the 90s and it was good (Kindaichi’s Murder Cases and Detective Conan were too comical and obvious to pass as good mystery anime) . There’s a big twist in the anime world these days where the kawaii-ness clashes with the psychotic/violence/gore etc. They are no longer treated as a separate entity where kawaii-ness is always associated as a comedy genre. A combination of the opposites conjures up a new fantasy where an innocent comical character is more than meets the eye.

Plot summary

"On one hot summer day in 1983, a transfer student named Maebara Keiichi comes to a peaceful rural village in Hinamizawa. There, he befriends his classmates Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko. Accepted as a full-fledged member of the "club," Keiichi and the gang plays all sorts of activities ranging from card and board games to hide-and-seek. People will remember that THIS was how playing used to be before the advent of video games. But just as Keiichi was beginning to be assimilated in simple rural life, he stumbles upon the dark history of Hinamizawa. Dam contruction project. Violent demonstrations. Kidnapping and extortion. ARM-AND-LEG DISMEMBERMENT MURDER. As Keiichi dives deeper into the mystery, he finds that his new found friends may not be all what they claim to be."

The person who’s supposed to be there doesn’t exist.
The person who must not be there does exit.
The person whom you met last night doesn’t exit.
The person who is there doesn’t live.

[Official Website]

001_200404_07_1Bscap002 13_02 16_0104_06Bscap018 Bscap016    

8 Gigabytes of Data!

Argghhh! I’ve received a compressed 800Mb (8Gb uncompressed, that is) zip file worth a decade, maybe more of financial transactions from a prominent company. FTP-ing it to my machine took me 20 minutes.

My job will be:

  1. Analyse the transactions and figure out the closing balances of each item
  2. Convert the existing DBase2 database into MSSQL database. Holly Molly!
  3. Create custom reports after that.

Wonder how long this gonna take me. ToT