Pre-Manifest 2007 fever (5)

From my previous post, I was hoping for a Hare Hare Yukia Dance gig during the Manifest 2007. Guess what, they are going to have a competition on that. Woohoo. Expecting to see plenty of fun and bloopers.

Manifest has already released the timetable for the weekend events. Arghz, the auction is clashing with the Hare Hare Yukai Dance Competition! It’s a tough choice between these two. Zzzz.

Hare Hare Yukia Dance

You got to be kidding me

DB logo
(Taken from Dattebayo)

To those who are addicted to Bleach and Narutard (or Pokemon and Pythagoras Switch), probably you will know this speed fansubber, Dattebayo. Aside from their fast paced yet effective fansubbing and their periodical low humour by releasing trolls and bans you for asking taboo queries in IRC, they have commercialised themselves.

Oh yes, loyal fans and fanatics may now join the cult. With a wide range of varieties and sizes, I’m sure you can find something for yourself. Hell, they even got a DB g-string.

And no, this is not a paid/ sponsored advertisement. I watch those series (not poke-mon though), I download from them but I have no love for their sarcasm.