Killing me softly with a pizza

A colleague of mine has a series of allergies; he reacts badly to tomatoes and potatoes. From what I heard should he ingest one of these items, he’ll have rashes or inflammation in his throat or something like that. Probably large quantities would prove fatal. When my office treats us lunches with traces of tomatoes, say in this case pizzas, we have to specially order one without the tomato base for his lordship.

One day, we jokingly muttered, “Boy, it is so easy (and cheap) to murder him. All we need to do is to buy a pizza and shove a slice down into his throat”.

Okay. It is a lame joke but I really wanted to blog this.

Bacon-ing your website

A mate of mine sent me this awesome web trick to play a prank on some poor non-IT souls.

By adding a website of your choice at the end of the web address above, you’ll be “superimposing” a bacon image on the chosen website. Of course I picked my employer’s website and sent an email via Outlook, masking the actual web address with the prank web address (for example, to my colleagues and my boss.

Within an hour, my boss freaked out. He called everyone in the office to check including some colleagues who did not receive my prank email (this made him more panic than ever).

Boss: “Did you see the bacon on our website?”
Dude X: “No. I didn’t see anything. The website is fine.”
Boss: “!!!!”

Ransom Note

About a week ago,  out of sudden my mate MSN’ed me to discuss something. Let’s call him LazyPrick.

LazyPrick: Hey. You have PayPal account?
Me: Um yeah. Why?
LazyPrick: Can you buy me something from the eBay?
(shows me the eBay link)

Me: I thought you have your own Paypal account?
LazyPrick: I didn’t use it for a long time.
(I ignored him for a while)

LazyPrick: Hey, come on. Buy for me.
Me: uhhhh….
LazyPrick: Come onnnnnn….

Somehow I fell for his pathethic pestering. I bidded the stuff he wanted from eBay and paid about 100 bucks via PayPal. Then I told him I’ve bought and paid for it. Instantly, the pestering stopped. Wow.

Since this Monday, he has been bombarding me countless times asking the same question, “Has the item arrived yet?”. Annoyed, all I replied was just a “I’ll-give-it-to-you-when-I-feel-like-giving-it” expression.

The item arrived and I decided to send him a special email to inform him about it… the otaku way. He has a habit of reading his emails late so let’s count the days before he realised it.

He also may claim that he has paid me of what he owed. Or has he?

No of days gone by before he found this out: 1 2 3

Updated  (16th May): LazyPrick’s finally found out his kidnapped items!

MSN conversation:

LazyPrick: <censored>!!!!
LazyPrick: Gimme my items!
Me: heeey…. someone reads the email!
Me: that’s 3 days late. sold to ebay already
LazyPrick: <censored>
Me:your fault for not reading the mail : D
LazyPrick: i’ll kill u
LazyPrick: it’ll better be at ur home when i get there
Me: will it? will it not? life is sooo uncertain. muahaha
LazyPrick: <censored>
LazyPrick: wat time u at home?
Me: where’s the KFC?
Me: you’ll get it upon the exchange, as the ransom stated
LazyPrick: yeah yeah
LazyPrick: just open up
Me: we’re looking forward the KFC then

Kopiko anyone?


(Goodies for everyone!)


Once a while (quite often actually), numerous colleagues will tend to share some finger food or confectionaries with everyone. Leftover Unfinished snacks from the training sessions too will be left in the common kitchen for the staff to “access”. The lady colleagues here especially just can’t resist any tid bits lying around in the office.

In return, I decided to share the same goodwill with everyone so I bought a pack of Kopiko and left it on my table. Anyone can take as much as they want to.

Buying a packet of Kopiko, $0.99
Get a nice jar to store the sweets, $2.00
Watching someone consuming these expired sweets, priceless.

Unsuspecting victims count: 5

Crude Joke #1 : The Innocent Dish Washing Sponge

It is kind of frustrating when they do not clean up after they use the utensils/items/etc in the common kitchen so I cooked up a crude joke to play on my unsuspecting colleagues in my office.

Step 1: Pour hot/boiling water onto the sponge. (It’ll absorb you see).

Step 2: Leave the wet sponge in the basin/sponge placeholder/ etc.

Step 3: Colleague picks up the sponge (and may squeeze to dry it up)

Step 4: Wait for the scream.


Note: Joke backfires if no one falls for it in the next 10 minutes; Water gets cold.