Beef tataki at Tao’s Restaurant

Over the weekend, I had a seven course dinner with my colleagues at Tao’s Restaurant. It’s one of those Asian fusion (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western)  and fancy restaurants that I do not bother to try until my colleagues suggested me this. Overall, the meals were good; food was well presentable and the atmosphere was well, charming.

We get to choose our appetiser, main and dessert and I chose beef tataki for my appetiser. When the dish came and placed in front of me, I just can’t help laughing out loud when I saw the way they present my food. The first thing came into my mind was the egg (where the facehugger is born) from Aliens. The picture below says it all.


Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I celebrated my New Year on a plane, returning from my two weeks holiday break. The year 2012 greeted me with a very hot summer. It has been high 30s for the past couple of days (yesterday was hitting 40) in Melbourne. My car was heated up like a microwave and the steering wheel is scorching hot. Not funny at all.

As it has been predicted by the ancient Mayans, 2012 is the year where the world is going end. Let’s see how it goes.

An eBay story: Keeping it fake

I’ve been patronising eBay for years and of all the purchases I’ve made outside the shores of Australia, this particular instance really made my day. After going through all the purchasing process from eBay, I received a confirmation email of my order and later on an item tracking email. Now, the latter is pretty normal to have, depending on the seller but after clicking the link to check on the shipping progress, I was redirected a simple page with a table which contains some simple data. No company logo, no headings but a blank white page.

(Click to enlarge)

Checking the codes reviewed nothing much but a poorly constructed HTML and trying to reach their main site returns an HTTP 403 Forbidden response. Now I do not recall there’s a courier or a shipping facility provider calling themselves ‘’ and judging from the way they present their ‘website’, it is obviously a fake. A fake package-shipping-tracking-site. Not sure why they pull out a half-bake effort into such a site, perhaps they are trying to offer a false sense of security to the buyer?
Good thing I bought an item that has a negligible value from these people. If I don’t receive it within 2 weeks, boy I’m contemplating to give a negative feedback.

Happy New Year, it’s 2010!…oops, 2011

Happy New Year! It’s a brand new 2011 and this same problem is happening to me just like last year and the year before and before before then. The problem is, I mistype the year wrongly.

For example, today is 11th January 2011 and I’ll accidentally type in 11th January 2010. Imagine I’m entering the wrong date for my SQL lines. Bet it’ll misquery and produce the odd results. I say it’s a habit thingy. I’m so used to the previous year that I will, without a blink of an eye, type out 2010 instantaneously. I suppose that’s fine. I wouldn’t want to think about entering wrong dates especially the year at critical moments like during a financial transaction.

It’ll take a while for me to familiarise with this young 2011, say within a month I reckon. But by early next year, I’ll be facing the same thing again. Sigh.

Owning iPhone 4 brings in business!

Update: Now, most of them have ported from the iPhone 3Gs to the brand new  spanking iPhone 4, it is time to show off to those who are underprivileged.

I am “pleased” that iPhone4 has arrived for the “devoted” and “deserving” staff members in the office. With it, we shall have plenty of business/sales coming in and make tons of money. Behold, the powerful aura of Apple products!


My injury is “mechanical”

A couple weeks ago, I sprained my lower back when I was doing some heavy lifting. Initially my sis worried it might be a slipped disc so I was advised to see a GP. As usual the old procrastinating me, wish I heeded her words then. I thought I’ll just leave it to heal by itself until a couple of days ago, I got a really painful stiff at night.

Anyways, I went to see a doctor. Good news was, it’s only a sprained lower back as suspected and it’ll take a bit of time to heal. In the mean time, she suggested me a few back exercise techniques to speed up the healing and maybe consult a chiropractor. Before I left the medical centre, I was just asking if there is a possibility of a slipped disc. She scoffed off the idea and said if it really is, my legs would be very weak and feel some tingling sensation (like Spidey?).

She ended up the conversation, “Don’t worry, it’s just mechanical”. For a split second I thought I was consulting a  robotic engineer and felt like a cyborg. Medical jargons, huh.