VOIP fun

I’ve just signed up PennyTel for my VOIP service. After topping up some credits,  I decided to give it a try this morning and called for an appointment. Here’s my first VOIP encounter experience.

Lady A: “Good morning, XXXX. This is Lady A speaking”
Me: “Good morning, I would like to make an appointment.”
Lady A: “I’m sorry sir; you are in Sydney. We’re based in Melbourne.”
Me: “Um, I am residing in Melbourne.”
Lady A: “Sir, but your number is in Sydney.”
Me: “Oh, I’m using a VOIP phone. Think it points the call from Sydney.”
Lady A: “Huh?”

This is classic. Anyways, I managed to make that appointment after clearing up the confusion.

Tissue Box

I have a colleague that is so cheapskate on buying his own tissues and instead he helps himself one every now and then from my teammate’s tissue box.

You’ll see him strolling happily into our department, greets us, invades to my teammate’s table and grabs a piece of tissue. He’ll blow his nose with a loud “pfffft” and walks away. Sometimes you may hear a “thank you” echoed in the corridor.

Words of wisdom from a parent

Any advice from a parent is always worthwhile to listen to. I heed them all the time.

Over the weekend, my mum called. Usually, there is at least a hint of advice embedded in her usual 15 minutes plus conversations. This time it was short and pretty much random.

Mom: “Son, I just want to let you know this. One, do not talk on a mobile phone when you are driving. Two, do not talk on a mobile phone when you are crossing roads”
Me: “Uh, ok.”
Mom: “Pass this message to your sister as well. That’s it, bye”.

Thanks mom.

Observation: Work ethics

My big boss was on a business trip to UK a couple of weeks ago and returned last Friday. For the past two weeks, everyone would be clocking in to work after 9am or later and clock out before 4.30ish (or better still, they’ll be “working from home”).

And behold, today is Monday morning and everyone is at work by 8.30am! Surprise surprise.

Like the saying goes, “When the cat is away, the mice will come out to play”

Bacon-ing your website

A mate of mine sent me this awesome web trick to play a prank on some poor non-IT souls.


By adding a website of your choice at the end of the web address above, you’ll be “superimposing” a bacon image on the chosen website. Of course I picked my employer’s website and sent an email via Outlook, masking the actual web address with the prank web address (for example, http://bacolicio.us/http://www.google.com) to my colleagues and my boss.

Within an hour, my boss freaked out. He called everyone in the office to check including some colleagues who did not receive my prank email (this made him more panic than ever).

Boss: “Did you see the bacon on our website?”
Dude X: “No. I didn’t see anything. The website is fine.”
Boss: “!!!!”

Chinese Consulate

I have an upcoming visit to Guilin, China next year and it is required to have a visiting/tourist visa so I took the liberty to apply for one during the Christmas break week at the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne. For the record, I always assumed the staff will all dressed up to their best, presenting a good impression for being part of the consulate.

I was wrong.

The staff that served me shattered my imagination. He was seated behind the glass wall and for the sake of security, conversations where done via the mic/speaker and a small slit hole to pass documents. I digressed. Let’s get to the point.

He looked like a typical asian movie gangster; dark skinned, wearing a thick chain necklace, semi tight ‘business’ shirt with exposed chest and crew cut hair. When I approached him, he almost like he wanna pounce on me and whack me good. I guess there is a reason why the glass wall is installed.


Oh, he sounded like Arnie when he told me to collect my passport next week.

Random find

Some random stuff I found in some forums:

 I don’t know about you guys, but I play my games with a scanner all the time! I write “shoot” on a piece of paper, scan it, and in Counter Strike Source it’s like “BOOM HEADSHOT!!1!!111!”

My 8Gb thumb drive fried

My colleague was building a PC for another colleague of mine. When he’s done assembling and installed the drivers, he told me to shove in my personal thumb drive to test if the USB front ports are working.

That fried my thumb drive, extra crispy.

Apparently my colleague accidentally plugged the USB front ports to a firewire connector (he was aware of it when he was reading the manual but totally forgotten about it during the assembly).