Tohoku Zunko

Some illustrator has created a cute mascot, Zunko Tohoku to serve as a virtual character to support the people in Tohoku region after the earthquake. The images are copyright free so spread the love around!

[Official website]

Smartphone widget

They also created a moe version of her as a widget for smartphones and I tried it on my Android. Not sure about the iPhone and oh, it’s in Japanese but it’s a very simple RPG-ish widget. You train her archery skills, feed her with mochi and watch her gobble up the food. The app can be found in the Marketplace.

[More info]

Happy Birthday to me…

It’s my birthday yesterday and today I’m officially over the 30 year old bracket. Signs of hitting the old age (well for me, 30s is old) is the severe backache I’m still suffering. According to the physiotherapist, it was a disc spinal injury. Having said that there was no no grand celebration, no drinking sessions, no visitations from mates. I’m just not in the mood for anything until my back gets healed. It was just a simple, quiet dinner with my partner.

What about prezzies? Nah, I’m way too old for that now. I buy my own present and it’s a bicycle.  The irony is, it was that same darn bike that aggravated my back in the first place when I tried to transport it back to my home. It was also one of my new year resolutions, to pick up cycling again after more than 15 years and go healthy. Now, the new shiny bike is sitting idly in my garage and I’m not in a position to ride it.  (-__-)”

Cracking my back again

What a way to start the first day of work (officially office starts today but I’ve been working since last week) in 2012! I hurt my back last weekend when I was (again) lifting and stuffing my brand new bicycle into the car. The pain initially was not present until yesterday morning.It was so intense till I can’t move much of my waist when I’m asleep and I can’t even stand up straight. Literally I swore after each step I made.

My god, I feel like I’m 70 years old now with a crooked back. Going to see a physiotherapy this arvo. Hope he’ll somehow ease up the muscle cramps/tensions so I can drive safely home and get myself a good night’s sleep.



Shuffling in my office space during Christmas break

I usually opted to work during my office’s official Christmas break (a.k.a close down period) in between late December and early January.

Some of many reasons to do so:

  • I can save up my annual leave for something else better since going out for holidays during these crazy peak seasons ain’t worth it.
  • I can concentrate on my work without a hint of disturbance/ distraction from my fellow colleagues. Well if I’m really that good, I wouldn’t be blogging right now -___-“
  • I own the office for a short time!
  • I can blast my music loud and whenever I want.
  • I can practically stripped naked and do silly walks in the office without anyone seeing me.

Okay, the last reason is just a figure of speech. Not that I actually did it.

Enough time wasted to think what to write next. Back to work.


Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I celebrated my New Year on a plane, returning from my two weeks holiday break. The year 2012 greeted me with a very hot summer. It has been high 30s for the past couple of days (yesterday was hitting 40) in Melbourne. My car was heated up like a microwave and the steering wheel is scorching hot. Not funny at all.

As it has been predicted by the ancient Mayans, 2012 is the year where the world is going end. Let’s see how it goes.

Panorama shots in Mornington Peninsula

I went to Mornington Peninsula for a holiday last weekend with an old Scoopon voucher that I purchased last year. The short trip was  good; calm weather and pretty sunny day. I also had a chance to experiment around with some panoramic shots there. The weather was a little gloomy so the shots didn’t really turn out the way I wanted


Point Nepean Panorama

Arthurs Seat Panorama

p.s. Flickr resizes all my shots to fit a 1024 resolution since I’m using the standard free account.

iPad-ing finally

Just got myself a first generation iPad to fiddle around with this week. I’ve been weighing between the first gen iPad and the new iPad 2 for a while. Why would I choose the former. Probably the first excuse was affordability, which I’ve saved $190 if I chose a refurbished first generation. Either way, I’m giving Steve Jobs more money

Secondly, jail breaking was part of my first priority. Again, iPad 2 is not breakable as of now so it’s a dead weight for me if I chose to buy it now. And thirdly, the apps and my goal of using the iPad does not require the brand new iPad 2’s double camera function nor the raw power of the new processor nor the boasting thinner size.

Having said that, I’ve not fallen to the dark side yet though I’ve tasted a fair share of Apple products (iPhone is not in my wish list, ok). I must say jail breaking an iPad is almost idiot proof. I don’t think anything can go wrong badly, like bricking an Android mobile phone when rooting it.

p.s I’m writing this post via the iOS’s WordPress app. Obviously took a bit of effort to write a long post but I must admit they did a good job with the touch keyboard/pad.

A tropical Melbourne

Update: When I got back home, I found out my kitchen  and living room were fully condensed. Wet floors and dampy atmosphere. All thanks the humidity and wet weather. Let’s hope the mould won’t enter into the picture soon.


It has been pretty warm, humid and wet for the past few days in Melbourne. Rain has been threatening Melbourne for days and I feel it’s more and more tropical here. Blame the global warming, they say. 

On the other hand, Queensland was hit pretty badly and the flood had swallowed a number of suburbs. [] [Brisbane Times]

Boxing Day 2010


Every Christmas week, I’ve never bothered to celebrate nor going out for a shopping spree on Boxing day. Heck, all my years in Melbourne I never thought of going out and fighting for my life to grab a parking space or pushing through the rowdy crowd in a tiny space retail shop. But here I am, in Chadstone Shopping Centre.

For the first time I can see throngs of people walking or running in and out of each retail shop, hoping to find a bargain. Good thing I’m not a fancy shopper.

My stomach is growling now. I didn’t have a single meal since this morning and my girlfriend (she’s the opposite of me, a bargain shopper) is still enjoying herself in her few favourite shops.

I should have brought along a book to read. Actually I’m kind of regretting for not buying a Nintendo DS to kill time especially during these periods.

Mt Buller trip

I’ve always wanted to have a go at the snow mountains and I’ve been pondering about it for years but I couldn’t find the opportunity nor the company to go with. Last month, my mate from Perth suggested that we should take a trip to Mt Buller when his wife and himself drop by to Melbourne for a  little R & R. And I thought, “why not”? On the eve of the trip, I went off to some ski shops near my home with my sister to rent the ski equipment and waterproof clothing. It ain’t cheap but it’s better than buying my own $500 ski jacket and pants.

Mt Buller is about 3 hours plus from the city of Melbourne. We started the journey at 4am and rode all the way through the country side, admiring the breathtaking morning dawn. We knew we’ve reached Mt Buller when we saw traces of snow along the elevated and winding road. Woohoo!


The weather was sunny and according to my mate, there was lesser people than the last time he came. That was a good, good day to enjoy ski-ing.


I’m a first timer (a la noob); I absolutely know nothing about the techniques nor the basic moves of ski-ing. Everyone suggested a ski lesson (at least an hour’s worth) and being a cheapskate, I’ve decided to rely on my mate and my beloved sister to guide me away from snowballing down the moutain. On the first two runs, I ski’d backward, crashed and burned froze while struggling to learn snowploughing and avoiding the people around me at the same time. On the third run, I’ve made it!  Time to go steeper and higher (and crash harder, faster)

When we returned to Melbourne, we had a nice, steamy spicy meal to warm back up our tired bodies. The next day, my mate and his lovely wife left for Perth.

Thanks to Alfred Low (My Thoughts Inexactly) for the photos via his brand new iPhone 4.

TAO taiko

I attended a Kyushu-based taiko troupe at the Palms in Crown Casino last night. Calling themselves TAO, these awesome people gave me a extraordinary, sounding  performance. It beats my heart away, so to say. : ) I heard about them before and a few  years ago they were in Melbourne to perform; I missed it.

What set them unique is they orchestrate a fusion of modern and traditional beats/music/score along with well choreographed dances and moves, not to mention the rippling muscles plus the sweat too. I sat on the second row from the front but thank goodness I wasn’t hit by the rain of sweat. XD