Power outage in office

This arvo, there was a power outage in a few buildings, including my office. Big boss has decided to spend us lunch at a pub nearby since we were roaming around freely without anything to do.

I had myself a nice lamb rump and at the end of the lunch, the big boss said if the power was still out, we could call it the day. Excitingly we headed back to office and when we were about to get into our respective cars…*pop* the power came back on! 

We were so close! If we’d cut our chat 5 minutes short and left, we could’ve escaped from the claws of the big boss.

Alas, back to work, yer dweebs.

Foggy Morning Melbourne

A very foggy morning today. For a moment I thought I was teleported into the dreaded Silent Hill when I stepped out of my home.

Fog + Low visiblity + Morning rush hour = Trapped-driver-with-two-hands-free-to-take-a-photo

P.S. How I wish my office route was on the other side of the road.

Chinese Consulate

I have an upcoming visit to Guilin, China next year and it is required to have a visiting/tourist visa so I took the liberty to apply for one during the Christmas break week at the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne. For the record, I always assumed the staff will all dressed up to their best, presenting a good impression for being part of the consulate.

I was wrong.

The staff that served me shattered my imagination. He was seated behind the glass wall and for the sake of security, conversations where done via the mic/speaker and a small slit hole to pass documents. I digressed. Let’s get to the point.

He looked like a typical asian movie gangster; dark skinned, wearing a thick chain necklace, semi tight ‘business’ shirt with exposed chest and crew cut hair. When I approached him, he almost like he wanna pounce on me and whack me good. I guess there is a reason why the glass wall is installed.


Oh, he sounded like Arnie when he told me to collect my passport next week.

My 8Gb thumb drive fried

My colleague was building a PC for another colleague of mine. When he’s done assembling and installed the drivers, he told me to shove in my personal thumb drive to test if the USB front ports are working.

That fried my thumb drive, extra crispy.

Apparently my colleague accidentally plugged the USB front ports to a firewire connector (he was aware of it when he was reading the manual but totally forgotten about it during the assembly).

Sooo cheeeap

Decided to celebrate my Big day and early Chinese New Year at a restaurant in Glen Waverly. I heard a lot of good reviews from colleagues and friends about its food so I decided to give it a try. Perhaps those sweet reviews hyped up my good expectations but it turned out to be pretty ordinary. Heck, the city’s restaurants are on par with it. Anyways, that evening our dinner table was extremely rowdy, and being a family restaurant I think we shook the atmosphere well.

The best line from one of my mates was, “Sooo cheeeaaap”. He was referring to my hesistation on his demand for a real Chinese New Year meal treat (cost about 600 bucks for ten).


Last week was my Big Day. My colleagues decided to ask me what plans do I have to celebrate such an important day of the year.

Colleague: So, any plans tonight? Go out dinner with friends? Get yourself pissed?
Me: I think I’ll just stay home and eat cereals for dinner.

Loved to see the expression of my colleagues when I said that. So priceless.

And yes, I had cereals for dinner that evening.

Moving to a new home

Today marks the third night I’ve spent at my new home. And no, I didn’t buy it; I rented it. Living in the suburbs reminded me the good old days back in my university days: peaceful, clean, no hassling and buzzing sounds of vehicles (except that fire engine leaving the station from time to time).

But I do miss staying in the city. I’ve lost my weekly KFC dosage as well as instantaneous access of city food. Ah well, you can’t have both things at once.

WCG Games at Luna Park

The e-Games WCG National Finals was held last week. My mate sent me that link a week ago and I thought I’d give it a visit to witness the Australia finesse teams in battle especially my long time favourites Call of Duty and Counter Strike (1.6 unfortunately).

Date: 8th to 9th August… check!
Location: Luna Park… check!
My camera: Fully charged…check!
Everything is ready to go!

On Saturday, I took a tram all the way to St Kilda and reached there by afternoon. Grabbed a bite and to the gaming galore I headed. Woohoo!

Nothing there. wtf?

I walked around the Luna Park and pry every inch of the place and I spotted no young teen gamers. I quickly turned on my mobile internet and accessed the WCG website again.

“In Australia, the WCG National Final is slated to take place 8th, 9th and 10th of August at the ‘home of fun’ Sydney’s Luna Park

OMG! It was Sydney’s Luna Park, not Melbourne’s. The stupid picture (Luna Park entrance) made me think it’s in Melbourne and I missed the the first two words in the venue.

Lesson learned: Read carefully. Pictures and short descriptions can be deceiving.

WordPress 2.5.1

Finally upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5.1. Some hiccups along the way but I managed to keep it away from falling apart. Also noticed some page loading improvements and better user interface in the control panel. ;D

With the newer version, I can install better plugins offered from the WordPress community.