When Quality control screening a must

One of many reasons that before any product release regardless it is an app or an ad or a website, it must be screened through by a QC/QA (that’s Quality Control / Quality Assurance for the uninitiated) team. It may look trivial for small projects  but  making it a practice to run through a QC/QA will save heaps in the near future. You do not need to gather a bunch of experts to be in a QC team. Just grab an ordinary Joe or your colleague sitting next/behind you and ask for their thoughts. Their inputs are invaluable I must say.

Management sometimes thinks it’s an extra cost in the production budget but it won’t hurt if you invest a teeny weeny of time into it. Simple problems can be easily fixed  in a jiffy but horrible ones can bring down the image and reputation of an organisation. Or being made fun of.

A good example is this Target ad in facebook. At this point of blogging, they have yet to fix it. Can you spot the little hiccup?

No? Yes? The main male in the ad has three arms.



Tohoku Zunko

Some illustrator has created a cute mascot, Zunko Tohoku to serve as a virtual character to support the people in Tohoku region after the earthquake. The images are copyright free so spread the love around!

[Official website]

Smartphone widget

They also created a moe version of her as a widget for smartphones and I tried it on my Android. Not sure about the iPhone and oh, it’s in Japanese but it’s a very simple RPG-ish widget. You train her archery skills, feed her with mochi and watch her gobble up the food. The app can be found in the Marketplace.

[More info]

Riding the bike with MapMyRide

Well, my backache hasn’t fully healed yet but I can’t wait for weeks long before I get to ride my new hybrid bicycle for the first time (The same darn bicycle that made me hurt my back a while ago). Ignoring my physiotherapist’s strict orders, I decided to ride it last weekend.

I wanted a speedometer mount for my bicycle but I am too cheapskate to buy an proper attachment and can’t be bothered to mount it up, so I went to eBay and bought a mobile phone mount for my Samsung Galaxy S2. After all, a smartphone can do more than just displaying me the speed stats. All I need now is an app and I found this nifty free app called MapMyRide. Not only it has all the basic speedometer and statistics tracking features, it also records my rides/journey/workouts using GPS. Arming with the app, I recorded my first 10 kilometres workout  Here’s my route info.

Of course with that punishing workout without warming up myself, my back hurts again. My physiotherapist is not going to please to hear about this, but it was worth it. : )

P.S Oh, one of its cool features is letting me to capture images with my mobile phone’s built in camera and uploaded along with my route info. But the shots are not rotated when they are shot in portrait mode.

God mode in Windows

Apparently there’s this nifty method to access every single settings in my Windows 7. It is called God Mode

  1. Create a new folder on the desktop
  2. Name the  folder as GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  3. The folder icon will change into a Control Panel icon.
  4. Click into it to access every available settings from A to Z

I found out this little feature from G+ but the link was lost. Anyways, here’s a link which shares the similar story

P.S. If you are using Windows Vista 64 bit, be a little careful though. The comments in the post (the link above) said those peeps who are still with Wondows Vista 64 bit will crash if they turn on this “god mode” feature. You guys are warned ; )

Dreamweaver CS4 boo boo

It’s Friday and I’d loved to see no dramas until the end of the TGIF day. But nooo, something came up the moment I sat down in front of my office desk. For years, I’ve never had a problem with Dreamweaver before. One typical day, boom! I got a weird error prompt when I tried to open a HTML file with my Dreamweaver CS4.

After ‘googling’ (a geeky term huh?) around, I’ve found some users who have similar problem like mine, except some they might have different translators (FTP, ASP,etc)  in the error message. Apparently a  dat file is corrupted somehow and needs to be corrected. And so, what they suggested was renaming or deleting a particular WinFileCache configuration *.dat file in the user settings folder.

The steps:

  1. Close down the Dreamweaver application
  2. Locate this WinFileCache file. I’m using Windows 7 so it’s in C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\en_US\Configuration
  3. Find a file called ‘WinFileCache-xxxxxx.dat‘ (I think the xxx codes might be vary from different user, operating systems, dreamweaver versions, etc). Anyways to play safe, I renamed mine instead of deleting to ‘WinFileCache-xxxxxx.dat.bak‘  in case something screws up.
  4. Restart the Dreamweaver and try to open a file (any)
  5. And hoooray, everything goes back to normal! *Cheers*
In the configuration folder, Dreamweaver will re-create a new WinFileCache dat file.
Another issue solved. TGIF, yeah!



Samsung Galaxy S2 screen capture


This is an interesting discovery. I usually install an app to screen capture my Android mobile or use the app that comes with Cyanogenmod. Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S2 has its own built in screen capture application; hence no need to install additional apps or root it.

All it needs is just the Home button and Power button pressed together and that’s it.

The screenshot is stored in a folder called ScreenCapture

An eBay story: Keeping it fake

I’ve been patronising eBay for years and of all the purchases I’ve made outside the shores of Australia, this particular instance really made my day. After going through all the purchasing process from eBay, I received a confirmation email of my order and later on an item tracking email. Now, the latter is pretty normal to have, depending on the seller but after clicking the link to check on the shipping progress, I was redirected a simple page with a table which contains some simple data. No company logo, no headings but a blank white page.

(Click to enlarge)

Checking the codes reviewed nothing much but a poorly constructed HTML and trying to reach their main site returns an HTTP 403 Forbidden response. Now I do not recall there’s a courier or a shipping facility provider calling themselves ‘extremegoodies.com’ and judging from the way they present their ‘website’, it is obviously a fake. A fake package-shipping-tracking-site. Not sure why they pull out a half-bake effort into such a site, perhaps they are trying to offer a false sense of security to the buyer?
Good thing I bought an item that has a negligible value from these people. If I don’t receive it within 2 weeks, boy I’m contemplating to give a negative feedback.

Live Messenger 2011

Just upgraded my old dinosaur MSN Messenger to Live Messenger 2011. Probably it is a good thing too. Chat dialogue boxes are tabbed now, cutting down my number of windows per contact. Also I can share video links to my contact and automatically embeds it in the chat box. Nice!

A gripe for me is that I can’t minimise the Messenger into the taskbar anymore  like it used to be under Windows 7 but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. There is always a workaround method. All you need to do is to run the Messenger in a campatibility mode as Vista (I chose Vista Service Pack 2) and voila, it minimises into the task bar!
[Minimising Messenger to Taskbar]

DSLR tethering with Nikon D90

(Pardon my shot. My Motorola Milestone camera is not something worthy to brag about)

It’s pretty frustrating especially for a newbie like me who do not know how to judge a picture preview via the camera LCD or reading the histogram. So I always ended up realising of bad photo capturing only when I got home, copied to my desktop and viewed on a computer monitor. Precious moments are wasted and there’s nothing I can do.

There is no way a poor employee like me (sad cue coming in…) to afford software like Nikon Camera Control Pro or Mac Aperture 3 to manage my photos live in real time. Like the saying goes, “When there’s a will, there’s a way” and with much perseverence, I found some nifty applications/workaround for free. DIYPhotoBits  has provided a script that lets you tether the DSLR with the laptop via USB cable on Windows. Now I can easily preview my images on a larger screen instead of the camera LCD and manage my shots. And yes, Mac has  an application for tethering too; Sofortbild.

And oooh, I’m so tempted to tether my DSLR with the iPad via this method but it will cost a bit of investment in both hardware and software. More fun times ahead :D

Upgrading WordPress to 3.1.2

I tried to upgrade my WordPress from 3.1 to 3.1.2 via the WordPress Automatic Upgrade (WPAU) plugin but somewhere in between updating the core files and switching to maintenance mode, an error popped up. Sigh.

I guess I have to upgrade it through the manual way and it’s a pain. Will do it when I have the time.

Upgrading Samsung Galaxy S to Gingerbread

Some time ago, I rooted and upgraded my old Motorola Milestone to CyanogenMod 7 (Gingerbread). The process was so tedious I almost cried after hours spent on finding a possible/plausible method to work. One evening on a dinner table, my mate told me about upgrading the Samsung Galaxy S (not mine, my girlfriend’s) and how it can be done with the leaked ROM. I thought I was going to wait for an official ROM from Samsung but since this  copy is out, I might as well give it a go on a weekend.

Samsung Galaxy S so far was the quickest and easiest to upgrade. Less than 5 minutes and poof, it was ported Android 2.1 to 2.3! Also, rooting was easy too! Hurrah!

[Upgrade with Odin]
[Upgrade with Clockworkmod recovery]
[Root Samsung Galaxy S]