Manifest 2007 Day 2 Part 2

Day 2’s focus was on the Hare Hare Yukai Dance competition. This was the very first time this unique event was held. A fair number of group participants joined and most of them did well. The winner was a group from the Deakin University. Below is a newbie group foreign to Hare Hare Yukai Dance.


The organisers had a dream: The biggest Hare Hare Yukai Dance in Australia.


Another sketch from the Cosplay Competition. A crossover between Matrix and Code Geass; one of the better ones I've seen.





Manifest 2007 Day 2 Part 1

Highlight of the day: Soundwave from The Transformers. Now we know why he wasn’t in the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons in the movie.

(Soundwave of the Decepticons)

(Misa from Death Note)


Bleach Bleach Band

haruhi2.jpg haruhi.jpg Code Geass

nitemare2.jpg onepiece.jpg kingdom.jpg

pokemon1.jpg peppa.jpg

First row images, from left:
1. Captains and Vice Captains from Bleach
2. Captains from Bleach
3. Some band performing J-Pop called 6 pence worth or something

Second row images, from left:
1. SOS Brigade Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi
2. Haruhis from The Melancholy of Haruhi (Spot the unnatural Haruhi)
3. Gang from Code Geass

Third row images, from left:
1. Yoshimitsu and Nightmare from Soul Caliber
2. Gang from One Piece
3. Gang and from Kingdom Hearts 2

Fourth row images, from left:
1. Ash Ketchum and his Pikachus from Pokemon
2. Peppa-chan the Mascot of Manifest


maid.jpg goth1.jpg eva.jpg chobits.jpg bleach3.jpg

onepiece2.jpg nitemare.jpg monster2.jpg monster.jpg maid2.jpg 

First row images, from left:
1. Generic maid
2. Another goth
3. Eva-01 from NG Evangelion (Gendo shrunk it for the Manifest)
4. Freya and Chii from Chobits
5. “Ichigo” from Bleach

Second row images, from left:
1. Rabien Rose from Di Gi Charat
2. Nightmare from Soul Caliber
3. Domo kun from NHK (The force is strong in him)
4. Domo kun from NHK
5. Goth + not sure who

Manifest 2007 Day 1 Part 2


Not really against them or anything, but this is Manifest not Goth party! Seems like their numbers are climbing up annually. This year it’s the ratio of 4:1, for every four cosplayers, there’s one goth around. ;D

Goth 3 Goth 2 Goth 1


Eye Openers and Clichés

ccs.jpg bleach.jpg deathnote.jpg 

silenthill-02.jpg silenthill-01.jpg soulcaliber.jpg 

rozen.jpg noodle1.jpg mokona.jpg

 ff8.jpg dbz.jpg devil.jpg

 seller.jpg naruto.jpg mokona2.jpg pokemon.jpg fma.jpg


First row images, from left:
1. Cerberus from Card Captor Sakura 
2. The captains from Bleach
3. L from Death Note (Finally, L reveal himself to the world)

Second row images, from left:
1. The Triangle Head and nurses from Silent Hill
2. The Triangle Head and nurses from Silent Hill
3. The female warriors from Soul Caliber (Hard Gay and Zelda too)

Third row images, from left:
1. Suigintou from Rozen Maiden
2. Saber from Fate/Stay Night and Naruto from well, Naruto
3. Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicle and King Thornberry from Final Fantasy

Fourth row images, from left:
1. Seifer and Squall from FF8
2. Vegeta, Gokou and Chichi from Dragon Ball Z
3. Dante, Lady and Vergil from Devil May Cry

Fifth row images, from left:
1. Some Kimono clad trader
2. Maid (generic) and Leaf Village Ninjas from Naruto
3. Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicle/ Magic Knights Rayearth/ Clamp
4. Sgt. Frog from Keroro Gunso and Pikachu from Pokemon
5. Lust from Full Metal Alchemist

Note: Missed out many more cosplayers. I was stuck in the Cosplay Competition while many other were roaming around the campus. Think I saw Chise from Saikano and Allen Walker from D.Gray man. Sniff sniff


Interesting Stuff

Found this unexpectedly from one of the anime traders: A pillow size Trueno “plushie” from Initial D for $50 (wtf!). There’s also a Trueno battery operated remote control car for sale too. The car was like one of those little Hot Wheels cars and they were selling it for $220 (double wtf!)

Initial D
(Bet LayZee would like to hug this little bugger)


Another interesting event was the noodle eating competition. And no, it is not japanese ramen; it’s IndoMie, sadly.

The winner finished 25 plates of noodles within 10 minutes.

Noodle Comp
(Will LayZee and ZeFlyingPig take up the challenge?)



(That’s a freaking LOT of noodles)


For one, Manifest 2007 spawned 2000+ visitors which was one hell of an event but I was a little disappointed with the numbers of cosplayers but on the good side, these smaller numbers put a lot of effort into their costumes and gadgets unlike some previous years where some cosplayed simple characters like an agent from Matrix. (=_=)”


Manifest 2007 Day 1 Part 1

Ze Queue 

Woke up about 8am-ish, cleaned up and away we went! Fine was fine and dandy and getting there was easy; we got onto the tram the moment we reached the stop at Flinder Street’s station.

The Wilson Hall was booked as an exam hall, so the Economics / Commerce Building became the registration centre for Manifest. Also, it turned into a bottleneck as both registration and events are held in the same spot so getting around was not easy. Look at the queue; These are the people who never take the initiative to collect their badges on Friday, unlike me ;D. Like I said, I’ve avoided the unnecessary lining up and am now enjoying the freedom to roam around without worries. Practically, by the time they got their badges, they have wasted half the day (this is true, line finished by afternoon).

(The queue didn’t move much after 2 hours I took this)


Warming up shots

Alice Aeries Cloud Nightmare Ichigo
Hoi Hoi FF12 Hellsing Inuyasha Darker than Black
Yoshi Spirited away Tsubasa Chronicle Azumanga Metal Gear Solid


First row images, from left
1. Alice from American McGee’s Alice
2. Aeries from FF7
3. Cloud from FF7 Advent Children
4. Nightmare from Soul Caliber 2
5. Ichigo from Bleach

Second row images, from left
1. Hoi Hoi san
2. Balthier from FF12
3. Alucard from Hellsing
4. Kirara from Inuyasha
5. Hei from Darker Than Black (His remuneration got the better out of him)

Third row images, from left
1. Yoshi from Mario
2. Haku and No Face from Spirited Away
3. Kurogane and Yuuko from Tsubasa Chronicle
4. A generic cat from Azumanga Daioh XD
5. Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid

P.S. Oh by the way, In the post I was refering a “we” but that was not the SenileBoy who once said he wanted to follow me to the Manifest this year. As predicted (that very day he told me he wanted to go), he went for soccer play instead. Uncle Bull. =p

Post-Manifest 2007 fever

Spending was part of the fun during the Manifest 2007. With so many merchandise items on the shelves and yet my funds do not agree with me, I had to make my choices decisively. You will notice a suspicious guy pondering around, hour after hour trying to decide what is to buy. For starters, I actually wandered the trader’s hall (Grand Buffet Hall is not that huge, you see) for two days before I got the items below.

Bargaining with these pricks was not an option. Can’t haggle a discount (read: a few bucks) out of them. They had the upperhand: They know everyone wants it, and they know they can sell it to someone else if you tried to push harder for a cheaper price. And they only brought one per item to sell. It’s discount-proof. @$#@#!

Say hello to Ayu Tsukimiya, the little taiyaki thief in Kanon





Now I can scratch one item awayfrom my wish list. Woohooo!

(Me-tan and her Alt-Ctrl-Del keyboard)


One of many versions of Moezilla mascots, here is Firefox-ko. This one is from Netrun-mon trading figures. The little plushie she’s hugging is Thunderbird-ko, the email application from Mozilla.





Pre-Manifest 2007 fever (5)

From my previous post, I was hoping for a Hare Hare Yukia Dance gig during the Manifest 2007. Guess what, they are going to have a competition on that. Woohoo. Expecting to see plenty of fun and bloopers.

Manifest has already released the timetable for the weekend events. Arghz, the auction is clashing with the Hare Hare Yukai Dance Competition! It’s a tough choice between these two. Zzzz.

Hare Hare Yukia Dance

Pre-Manifest 2007 fever (3)

Got this conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. Let’s call him SenileBoy for his short attention span.

SenileBoy: Hey, when is that…anime festival?
Me: Manifest? It’s in September, 14th
SenileBoy: Sweet-la, we go together.
Me: Seeing is believing, man.
Me: You can register from the website, and then pay by bank deposit or money order.
SenileBoy: Oh, you can do that?
Me: Yes.

Two minutes later:-
SenileBoy: What’s the website again? Ani-best?