iPad-ing finally

Just got myself a first generation iPad to fiddle around with this week. I’ve been weighing between the first gen iPad and the new iPad 2 for a while. Why would I choose the former. Probably the first excuse was affordability, which I’ve saved $190 if I chose a refurbished first generation. Either way, I’m giving Steve Jobs more money

Secondly, jail breaking was part of my first priority. Again, iPad 2 is not breakable as of now so it’s a dead weight for me if I chose to buy it now. And thirdly, the apps and my goal of using the iPad does not require the brand new iPad 2’s double camera function nor the raw power of the new processor nor the boasting thinner size.

Having said that, I’ve not fallen to the dark side yet though I’ve tasted a fair share of Apple products (iPhone is not in my wish list, ok). I must say jail breaking an iPad is almost idiot proof. I don’t think anything can go wrong badly, like bricking an Android mobile phone when rooting it.

p.s I’m writing this post via the iOS’s WordPress app. Obviously took a bit of effort to write a long post but I must admit they did a good job with the touch keyboard/pad.

Cyanogenmod 7 on Milestone

It has been a while since I upgraded my Motorola Milestone from its stock Android to a community mod Cyanogen. I must admit rooting it and run Gingerbread (ver 2.3) does open up my mobile performance and range of apps to play with.

Alas, not everything is perfect. The mod OS drains my battery faster than the stock. It even drains faster when my 3G radio is on. I’ve tried ways to knock down the power consumption but so far no success. The stock camera is acting up too. It froze after taking a shot. For now I’m relying on a third party app.

Ok, aside from those¬† gloomy whinges, there are brighter¬†sides as well. It’s faster, less rebooting to flush over-gorging of memory and better apps memory handling. And yes, I can install apps to the SD card (Motorola stinged on Milestone internal memory, bah).

I’m still waiting for a newer release that will follow up the issues and hopefully addresses them.

But at the end of the day, it’s frustrating but it is still worth it. I happy with it….for now : )

Boxing Day 2010


Every Christmas week, I’ve never bothered to celebrate nor going out for a shopping spree on Boxing day. Heck, all my years in Melbourne I never thought of going out and fighting for my life to grab a parking space or pushing through the rowdy crowd in a tiny space retail shop. But here I am, in Chadstone Shopping Centre.

For the first time I can see throngs of people walking or running in and out of each retail shop, hoping to find a bargain. Good thing I’m not a fancy shopper.

My stomach is growling now. I didn’t have a single meal since this morning and my girlfriend (she’s the opposite of me, a bargain shopper) is still enjoying herself in her few favourite shops.

I should have brought along a book to read. Actually I’m kind of regretting for not buying a Nintendo DS to kill time especially during these periods.

Offsite Photoshoot @ Holmesglen TAFE



As the official photographer for the company, I am obliged tol answer any requests from the higher ups, should it be inhouse or offsite jobs. Today marks the last offsite video and photoshoot for this year and today it is my third visit at Holmesglen TAFE. Our subject is the process of making pastries. What sort of pastry, I do not know; me ain’t privy to such information. All I need to do is to show up and shoot on the fly.

Now I’m waiting for the rest of the crew and the chef himself to arrive. Guess I’m a little too early.