TAO taiko

I attended a Kyushu-based taiko troupe at the Palms in Crown Casino last night. Calling themselves TAO, these awesome people gave me a extraordinary, sounding  performance. It beats my heart away, so to say. : ) I heard about them before and a few  years ago they were in Melbourne to perform; I missed it.

What set them unique is they orchestrate a fusion of modern and traditional beats/music/score along with well choreographed dances and moves, not to mention the rippling muscles plus the sweat too. I sat on the second row from the front but thank goodness I wasn’t hit by the rain of sweat. XD

Vocaloid 2


(One of the first “virtual singer”, Hatsune Miku)

 I was a little slow to pick up this neat application. Vocaloid is a human voice synthesizer developed by Yamaha some years ago that will change the need of human vocals in music composition. With an “authentic human voice” Virtual Singer, all you need to do is to provide the lyrics and the music, and the singer will sing to the tune you want. The first instalment featured a female sound library, Hatsune Miku. After some searching, I found out her name defines a specific meaning: Hatsu ( First), Ne ( Sound), and Miku (未来 Future).

With such computer application, I guess composers will have second thoughts of hiring backup vocals (even lead vocals!) for his/her music.


Original music composed for Vocaloid



She can even sing a Finnish tune, Ievan Polkka.


And she sings my fav song, Fact of Fact ~ Resolution (Kotoko)


She tried to sing in English. Well, she's not "trained" to sing English lyrics but it is still cute anyways.

Timberland is a black dude!?

Forgive me if I’m out of touch with the current music. I was randomly listening to one of the R&B music albums and came across a song called “Apologize” by Timberland featuring One Republic. I’ve heard this tune before somewhere in the clubs or music shops and that time I didn’t know who sang it but that’s not the point of this post.

The talk of the day is an embarassing, confession post. I always thought Timberland is an extension of Justin Timberlake or something like that, probably due to similar names given. I only found out the former is a black dude and the latter is a white guy after I took the trouble asking a friend of mine over the weekend.

Me: say, oli
Oliver: ?
Me: what’s the diff between Timberland and Justin Timberlake?
Oliver: one is a black guy and the other is a white guy
Me: Oooohhh
Oliver: why?
Me: I thought they are the same person. Shhh***t.
Oliver: Dun tell me you renamed all the Timberland mp3s to Justin.
Me: *gulp*

Now I know both are different artists. Music knowledge gained +1.


Going Touhou (>’ ‘)>

These days I’m sooo addicted to Doujin and Touhou Project inspired music. Usually, they are very synthetically synthesized (loved the pun) and filled with digital sampling. Probably not a professional, grade A+ or top-of-the-chart rated composers to the ears of an average Joe, these underdogs are still able to deliver the cool beat that soothe my daily-needed doses of music.

Silver Forest


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Title : 御柱の墓場 〜 Grave of Being
Artist : Silver Forest
Album : 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith


Love this album!



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UNオーエンは彼女なのか -Toho Grand Orchestra-
紅桜 – Bright Piano Arrange
Spring Essence isn’t Here
Witch of Luv Potion
魅惑の月世界旅行~Now I’m on The Moon
神々が恋する幻想郷(special edition) 

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