A Shot A Day Photography Project

Ever since I’ve moved on to my new job, I hardly had the chance to flex my photography muscles. Worrying that I might deviate away from my photography passion (haha, if it is a passion I shouldn’t be deviating huh? But anyways that’s me), I’ve been spending some time seeking excuses to pick up my dust collecting camera once more. One evening while I was commuting back from work, I got inspired by reading Dave’s ShootTokyo blog, particularly his daily photoshooting post.

As of last week, I’ve started a smallish project called A Shot A Day, where I’ll be attempting my very best (fingers crossed) to take a couple of good shots everyday, from the time where I work commuting to weekend traveling. One of many reasons I’ve decided to take up such a project is to push myself to do more photography on different angles instead of the same old style I’ve been sooooo comfortable with. With that I’ll learn more and face different challenges every now and then.

The projects rules are simple:

  1. One shot a day for 365 days
  2. Free for all methods: Indoor, outdoor, street photography, scenic, abstract, macro, portrait, wide,  etc.
  3. Interchange randomly with my small collection of lenses weekly (Starting with my prime f1.8 50mm)
  4. That’s it!

I know this is a late post, but I’ve started this project since 16th April 2012. Hope it all goes well for the next few months and onwards.

If you are curious of the daily outcome, you can follow me at Twitter @ronniechong or via hashtag #AShotADay (previously was #OneShotADay, so inconsistent I am)

I’ll try and setup a Flickr album on this too once I post process it via Lightroom.

Great Ocean Road Travel Part 2


Travelling the Great Ocean Road is not all about cruising along the coast. Some inland roads have remarkable attractions as well. This one is taken on a misty morning at Lavers Hill, the day we return back to Melbourne. It was a peaceful quiet morning and since there’s hardly any incoming cars, I stopped and took this shot with my mobile phone.

Great Ocean Road Travel Part 1

I’ve had a long weekend road trip to the Great Ocean Road last week. It was a blast and there is so much to blog about. The experience at the break & breakfast accommodation, timelapses  I played around, scenic photography and the long coastal drive at Great Ocean Road itself. With so much other stuff going on for the next couple of weeks, I’ll have to find some time to break these travelogue posts apart in the upcoming future. Stay tuned!


Revisiting my hometown’s treasures

It has been more than a decade since my last visit to these local attractions. As a local boy there, there is no reason walking into temples and caves once every week like a shopping mall unless I have a reason to. This holiday, I had one; showing my girlfriend around especially Sam Poh Tong and Kek Lok Tong caves. My home town is surrounded by limestone mountains and these historic hot spots is a must, aside from gorging good food (another top ‘attraction’) from the local eateries.

The trip  to Ipoh was a short one so I decided not to carry my heavy DSLR along. The shots I took was from the Samsung Galaxy S2’s camera. It does take pretty shots IMHO.

Stalactites with ambient lightsA temple within the mountainGreenery outside the caveSpiral incense outside a temple

Timelapse in a residential kitchen

Another experiment on the timelapse and the photoshoot was done at my colleague’s kitchen. This time, it’s rendered under 24 frames per second hence the motion is smoother.

Post production for the photos are edited in Adobe Photoshop CS4 under video mode. I didn’t have Adobe Premiere but the Photoshop CS4 seems to support timelapse and able to perform simple video editing. Final product is rendered with VirtualDub with Xvid compression. Motion blur is added post production. I have yet to full grasp the concepts to perform the perfect motion blur. Let’s hope I can make it happen on the next timelapse photoshoot

Preparing for wedding photography

I’m going to take a short break in the mid December for two weeks. It’s the time of the season to relax, visit family and get together with mate. While I’m at it, I’ve been invited to attend two weddings of my school/college chums. And that’s not all; I was requested to be their photographer of the day (not the official one, thank goodness).

Since this is my first time, I hope I live up to their expectations. Okay okay, I lied. It’s not my first time; I did a very short stint for a mate of mine and it was not professional at all. It was s**t. Zero substance. Of course that was two years ago; I should have learned my lessons, identified my lackings and improved a little by now. We’ll see how it turns out then. ; )

Office 360 degrees panoramic view

Another experiment for the day.  And today’s experiment is  a 360 degrees panoramic view of my office with my mobile phone. I was thinking to use this idea as a template material for my organisation’s upcoming content development. Or perhaps a virtual tour video.

  1. I used my Samsung Galaxy S2 camera and took a 360 degrees of snapshots of my office.
  2. Stitch them together with Photoshop using Photomerge automation.
  3. Created a Quicktime VR video with Pano2QTVR
The video below requires Quicktime player plugin and it’s about 5MB so be patient.



Panorama shots in Mornington Peninsula

I went to Mornington Peninsula for a holiday last weekend with an old Scoopon voucher that I purchased last year. The short trip was  good; calm weather and pretty sunny day. I also had a chance to experiment around with some panoramic shots there. The weather was a little gloomy so the shots didn’t really turn out the way I wanted


Point Nepean Panorama

Arthurs Seat Panorama

p.s. Flickr resizes all my shots to fit a 1024 resolution since I’m using the standard free account.

Street photography – the first attempt

Inspired from the street photography videos (this and this), I wanted to try it out myself. So on a sunny Saturday, I headed for a Mid-Autumn Festival at Box Hill to give it a go.

I think I am too timid to take the shots head on and I wasn’t too invasive  enough (not that I want to jump in suddenly like a dodgy person, take a photo and run away) to capture their unprepared reaction. Hopefully I can hone my skills more in this method of photography.