A Sleepy Friday

Taking stock photos is part of my job and sometimes it is fun. This time it’s an offsite photoshoot in a kitchen, courtesy of a colleague of mine. While my team is preparing themselves with the recipes and procedures, I took some shots of Raz, my colleague’s quiet pet dog, which is obviously patiently waiting for free treats from our leftovers. And yes, she got her munchies alright.

DSLR tethering with Nikon D90

(Pardon my shot. My Motorola Milestone camera is not something worthy to brag about)

It’s pretty frustrating especially for a newbie like me who do not know how to judge a picture preview via the camera LCD or reading the histogram. So I always ended up realising of bad photo capturing only when I got home, copied to my desktop and viewed on a computer monitor. Precious moments are wasted and there’s nothing I can do.

There is no way a poor employee like me (sad cue coming in…) to afford software like Nikon Camera Control Pro or Mac Aperture 3 to manage my photos live in real time. Like the saying goes, “When there’s a will, there’s a way” and with much perseverence, I found some nifty applications/workaround for free. DIYPhotoBits  has provided a script that lets you tether the DSLR with the laptop via USB cable on Windows. Now I can easily preview my images on a larger screen instead of the camera LCD and manage my shots. And yes, Mac has  an application for tethering too; Sofortbild.

And oooh, I’m so tempted to tether my DSLR with the iPad via this method but it will cost a bit of investment in both hardware and software. More fun times ahead :D

A noob timelapse

My first attempt to make a timelapse video; A simple 2 hours 30-second interval shots from an office window.

Made a few mistakes when I was making this time lapse. Firstly, I forgot to turn my white balance auto mode off. Secondly, I didn’t check where the sun is coming hence I had to stop when the glare was about to hit right in the centre of the shot. And lastly, I forgot to set the video frames from 10fps to 24fps. Anyways, a good try. Let’s hope I make a better one next time.

Offsite Photoshoot @ Holmesglen TAFE



As the official photographer for the company, I am obliged tol answer any requests from the higher ups, should it be inhouse or offsite jobs. Today marks the last offsite video and photoshoot for this year and today it is my third visit at Holmesglen TAFE. Our subject is the process of making pastries. What sort of pastry, I do not know; me ain’t privy to such information. All I need to do is to show up and shoot on the fly.

Now I’m waiting for the rest of the crew and the chef himself to arrive. Guess I’m a little too early.

Experience as a PapaRonnie

Colleagues and mates of mine have been telling me to get a life ever since they found out I glued in front of my monitor at least 14 hours everyday. With DSLR I bought recently, I’m making use of the weekends to capture the essence of life and the world that I’ve missed out.

For a couple of weeks of pretending to be an amateur photographer, me the newbie has come across a few moments that I’ve never felt before unless you’re the one behind the camera.

a. Eyeballed by cautious parents (when you try to shoot their children)
b. Shoo-ed away by sellers (when you try to shoot their unique products)
c. Interrogated by security people (obviously as I looked so suspicious)
d. Stared and shunned by annoyed chicks (I’m trying to find a new perspective, ok!)
e. Almost got myself killed for looking at where I’m going (busy peeking via the viewfinder)

Now I know how why everyone lunged at those aggresive paparazzis but I have to admit they always manage to capture the spur of the moment photos!

Fun, fun, fun.

Supanova 2008

A mate of mine and I went to this year’s Supanova at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds in Flemington. Thought it was a big event since it was held at the showrounds but came back a little disappointed. First disappointment: it’s not as big and eventful as the website claimed it was. Second disappointment: I had to pay 20 dollars for that! Aside from my mutterings, it was a good moment to try out my n00b0 camera skills with the new DSLR.

Having said that, ever since I got that camera I have been given names by my apartment mates. The top of the cream nick was “PapaRonnie”.


(The 501st is recruiting now. Join the best or die like the rest)


All the usual kicks were around: EB Games and Madman dominated the event, familiar cosplayers and anime shops peppered around, a local OZ wrestling show (and how fake they were) and plenty of comics! The only thing I found it exciting was flipping stacks of comics and watching the nerds buying more stuff than they can carry.

Went home without an incident. Another good weekend spent.



From left:
1. A stormtrooper caught me loitering around their station booth
2. Took a snapshot of poor Gimli while he’s not looking. You gotta pay for his poster to get his signature!
3. Dr Who’s classic robot
4. Dr Who’s blow out phoon booth?!



From left:
1. A Dragon Ball Z contest. You imitate as Gokou/ Gohan and try your best to come out with the best kame hame ha (Gokou’s signature technique). Vegeta succumbed to Gokou at last.
2. Tassie Tiger on the prowl.

Toy of the Day: Fraulein Revoltech

I love Revoltech toys and has been eyeing this Rei for some time now. Only recently released on to the shelf (1st January 2008), I guess I’m the one of the few to bring it back to the Australian shores. Muahaha. I bought this from the only anime shop that I noticed in Teramachi Street and from there I realised how cheap they were compared to the prices the locals charged in Australia. Pricks.




Pictures look a little grainy and I apologise. I’m still a newbie to the new Nikon camera and am still learning the way of the DSLR. No more spoon feeding when it comes to focusing.