Aftermath of The Japan Trip

A Japan trip will never be complete without some anime shopping. While weight was not an issue when I brought these goodies back, the available space on the baggage was total exhausted. With so much stuff to bring home, I was so desperate to seek every single inch I could salvage from any hand carry or main luggage.


(The infamous klutz in the Windows family, Me-tan)




From left:
1. Nendoroid Binchou-tan
2. Nendoroid Haruhi
3. Revy from Black Lagoon
4. Saber from Fate/stay Night



From left:
1. Netrunmon’s Firefox-ko with little Thunderbird-ko plushie
2. Aries (or Aerith) of Final Fantasy: Advent Children
3. The annoying Kon from Bleach. A better plushie than the ones sold at Manifest.
4. The forever-hungry-Windows-OS, XP-tan



(Some Maneki Nekofor my laptop and PCs)


Post-Manifest 2007 fever

Spending was part of the fun during the Manifest 2007. With so many merchandise items on the shelves and yet my funds do not agree with me, I had to make my choices decisively. You will notice a suspicious guy pondering around, hour after hour trying to decide what is to buy. For starters, I actually wandered the trader’s hall (Grand Buffet Hall is not that huge, you see) for two days before I got the items below.

Bargaining with these pricks was not an option. Can’t haggle a discount (read: a few bucks) out of them. They had the upperhand: They know everyone wants it, and they know they can sell it to someone else if you tried to push harder for a cheaper price. And they only brought one per item to sell. It’s discount-proof. @$#@#!

Say hello to Ayu Tsukimiya, the little taiyaki thief in Kanon





Now I can scratch one item awayfrom my wish list. Woohooo!

(Me-tan and her Alt-Ctrl-Del keyboard)


One of many versions of Moezilla mascots, here is Firefox-ko. This one is from Netrun-mon trading figures. The little plushie she’s hugging is Thunderbird-ko, the email application from Mozilla.





Mario Craze

This kawaii mascot has officially joined my growing family a few days ago. Say hello to Kinopio, the little citizen of Mushroom Kingdom in the Mario World.

(Hajimemashite Kinopio-des!)


And additionally, we have Yoshi the little dinosaur from the Mario World that will temporary seeks refuge in my family.

(Eh, Eigo wo hanasu hito wa imasen-ka?!)

I bidded these two plushies via eBay, which the latter is meant for my mate but he hasn’t paid up yet. So technically it belongs to me! It does cross my mind a few times to keep it for myself instead of giving it away to my unappreciative mate. As an incentive, I sent my mate an email with a photo of Yoshi (below). Mua muaaaa hahahaha. Come get me, fool! 


Voodoo Boss

Christmas is just around the corner. Catching up with the habit of giving away prezzies to colleagues, I went out to do a last minute Xmas shopping last weekend. I bought two bottles of wine (red and white) for my colleague, a nice box of egg rolls for the boss’ wife and a voodoo doll for my boss. Yes, it is a voodoo boss doll. Pinch any parts of the arms/limbs and it’ll yell an agonising scream/complain. Hitting the crotch will give you a pay raise and whacking the head will mutter you random stuff. I saw this doll a few months ago when I accompanied my friends to this nifty electronic shop where they sell a variety of weird gadgets and equipment.

Voodoo Boss

My boss seemed to enjoy torturing the doll whenever he has to answer stressful calls from irritating clients. Guess it’s worthwhile buying this for him.