A Shot A Day Photography Project

Ever since I’ve moved on to my new job, I hardly had the chance to flex my photography muscles. Worrying that I might deviate away from my photography passion (haha, if it is a passion I shouldn’t be deviating huh? But anyways that’s me), I’ve been spending some time seeking excuses to pick up my dust collecting camera once more. One evening while I was commuting back from work, I got inspired by reading Dave’s ShootTokyo blog, particularly his daily photoshooting post.

As of last week, I’ve started a smallish project called A Shot A Day, where I’ll be attempting my very best (fingers crossed) to take a couple of good shots everyday, from the time where I work commuting to weekend traveling. One of many reasons I’ve decided to take up such a project is to push myself to do more photography on different angles instead of the same old style I’ve been sooooo comfortable with. With that I’ll learn more and face different challenges every now and then.

The projects rules are simple:

  1. One shot a day for 365 days
  2. Free for all methods: Indoor, outdoor, street photography, scenic, abstract, macro, portrait, wide,  etc.
  3. Interchange randomly with my small collection of lenses weekly (Starting with my prime f1.8 50mm)
  4. That’s it!

I know this is a late post, but I’ve started this project since 16th April 2012. Hope it all goes well for the next few months and onwards.

If you are curious of the daily outcome, you can follow me at Twitter @ronniechong or via hashtag #AShotADay (previously was #OneShotADay, so inconsistent I am)

I’ll try and setup a Flickr album on this too once I post process it via Lightroom.