Cyber Figure Alice

Dear otakus and otakus-to-be, introducing Dennoh Figure ARis.

Meet Alice, a little virtual maid living in an Augmented Reality (AR) world. The interactivity is done by utilising an empty cube and a cube stick. With the help of a web camera, your interactions are projected via your monitor (the bigger the monitor the better ‘experience’ you get).

With this cool gadget, the otaku singles hiding behind the computer monitors out there shall no longer be lonely anymore, all thanks to Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc.



Cool concept. And then you’d ask, ” So, what can I do with her?”.  Well, that’s depending how…*ahem*..perverse you are. *wink* *wink*


You can look at her



You can be a Peeping Tom



You can touch her (oooh)



…and the best of all…


You can undress her! (oh yeah!)


Retrospection: Lego


myer_lego02.jpg myer_lego01.jpg
(Aye, t’is yer pirate captain and ze viking)


I was passing by the Myers toys department when I noticed these life-sized guys. How time flies. There are so many themes nowadays for the kids to play with.

It has been a decade since my last hands-on (not counting Star Wars Lego games) with the blocks of Lego. I really missed the good old days when my dad would buy me a new set of Lego, after painful and agonising screams from me and I would start building it without looking at the “manual”. I also had a bad habit of mixing different Lego sets (space + medieval + city + many more themes) and ended up building an abomination from a multi-transformation, multi-coloured robot (alternate Transformers toys) to a miniature size M60 machine gun that does not hold on well.

Because of my young, uncaring and careless self, I didn’t look after of my Lego bits and pieces properly and the unfortunate Lego people tend to have tragic ends with missing legs and heads. Like Dr. Frankenstein, I replaced their missing body parts with lego cube blocks and I would say I have potential to be a good cyborg doctor. They make good turrets for my guard towers. 

Tokyo (Day 8 to 13) : Sugeeeehhh…


(The missing corner credit card)


I used my credit card a couple of times when I travelled to Japan but this ordinary credit card returned back to me with unexpected yet an interesting feedback. This is what happened. 

After some long thoughts, I have decided to purchase the Nikon DSLR at one of the biggest electronic store, Sofmap. When I showed my credit card, they were so astounded and surprised that they never seen a curved cornered credit card, let it be a young or an old sales person that attended me. Twice I used it, twice I heard “sugeeehh” which roughly translated as awesome. They held up the card, stared for a moment and showed it to his colleague before finally he realised the customer (me!) was still standing right in front of him, waiting for the bugger to complete the transaction. After the processing, they took a final look before handing the famous credit card back to me.

I wonder what happens if I use the National Bank Mini Visa card the next time I travel there again.


Tokyo (Day 8 to 13) : Asahi Beer Headquarters

The next morning, my mate’s cousin drove us to our first tourist spot, Asakusa Temple. We stopped somewhere around the temple area, when I noticed this:



The cousin said it’s the Asahi Beer’s headquarters in Japan and that funny looking structure is the froth of their beer(?!). If he didn’t tell me that, I would have thought it’s a turnip. I came back and asked some of my friends and my sister.

Their best response:
1. Housemate – Carrot
2. Sister – Carrot
3. HK friend – Flying s**t
4. Friend – Cloud


Update (26/02/2008): I was misinformed…again. The froth is actually on a giant-bee-mug-looking building (partly shown on the left) which is next to this giant golden ‘flame’. A better view can be seen here.


Xmas terror

It vibrates, it makes noise and it is a disturbing flurry Santa head.

They will no longer remember Santa as a friendly and full of Christmas warmth person that visits your home when you are asleep. We will no longer remember Santa as a kid-loving fat chap that gives presents to all the kids in the world. Thanks to Big-W, we now remember Santa as a deranged mad person exerting himself to escape his cage and lay his terror amongst us.

(“Let me out of there!” ~ says the deranged Santa)